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Posted by Stephen On Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

New Japanese Car Auction and Exporting Service Takes The Stress Out of Buying From Japan

Integrity Exports launched a new service aimed at car importers today. Majoring on top-class communication, integrity and professionalism, buying from Japanese car auctions has never been so smooth or stress free. Go to for more.


PR Website (Press Release) – Jan 04, 2011 – Japanese car auctions have been a main source of vehicles for car importers all over the world for many years now. Unfortunately, the benefits of low mileage vehicles at low prices have often been offset by the difficulties of communicating with Japanese people for whom English is a second language, trying to figure out who can be trusted thousands of miles away, and making sure the job of exporting is done quickly and smoothly.

With almost 15 years of combined experience in this industry, the people behind Integrity Exports are very familiar with the pitfalls and stresses that are out there. Integrity Exports’ service is specifically aimed to directly answer these concerns and problems. Our customers sleep well at night knowing that we are looking after their business.

First of all, customers with Integrity Exports are guaranteed to have all their communication needs handled by a native English speaker who is also fluent in Japanese to a graduate level. Our customers do not worry about whether an auction inspector’s report is translated fully and accurately. They don’t have any frustration trying to understand emails and other communication in English that is not quite right. And they are pleased to be able to get clear and comprehensive answers to their questions rapidly by email, Skype and phone.

Trust is hard to win and is lost in an instant. That is why Integrity Exports offers a level of transparency that few can equal: For example, if we get a car for you at auction, you are welcome to ask us for a scan of the actual auction invoice to prove that the auction price we are charging you really is the actual one. As the famous author Douglas Adams once wrote, “To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.”

Finally, service and trust mean nothing if the work of buying at the car auctions and exporting the vehicles is not done expeditiously and smoothly. There are a lot of things that happen “behind the scenes” in the export process that as a customer you really should not have to concern yourself with. Basically, you want to know that the details of transporting the car to the port, deregistering it, booking shipping and getting it through customs are going to be done right, but you don’t want to have to think about it yourself.

With almost 15 combined years in the business, we know what to do and have the suppliers and contacts on the Japan-side to make it happen, and make it happen fast. In the front of our minds is always the fact that the quicker the customer gets the vehicle, the quicker they can sell it and come back for more. It’s a win-win!

Integrity Exports gives you access to 86 auctions all around Japan every week with many thousands of vehicles available every day. All vehicles area available online on our website

Anyone wanting to test out our services can sign up for free access to the auctions for 14-days here to get a taste of the cars and other vehicles that are available.

Want to know more? Email us and experience our customer service for yourself –

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