The Greatest Drivers of All Time

Posted by Stephen On Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

Walter Rohrl

Watch his feet dance on the pedals – and the spectators’ feet scuttle out the way in this footage from the golden age of Group B rallying in 1985.

And if you are wondering whether Rohrl still has it, just read this story in Evo magazine about his encounter on the track with a certain M. Schumacher.

Ayrton Senna

I started watching F1 in 1982, so I had only been watching a few seasons when Senna burst on the scene. Back then I remember him as being a more controversial character – was he a genius, or was he reckless. I must admit at the time, I erred towards the latter. But you cannot argue with his sheer speed, especially in qualifying. If Rohrl is famous for his dancing feet disguising his car’s smooth progress, Senna is famous for his single-handed driving.

Michelle Mouton

Another Group B great, and the only woman to have won the WRC. Here is a more recent video of Mouton chatting casually in her second language (English) as she pilots a classic 911 at extreme speed in preparation for the Rally du Maroc (Rally of Morocco) 2010, in which she finished second overall.

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