Japanese Car Auction Finds: 2011 Honda Fit Hybrid

Posted by Stephen On Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

Is this the car that has propelled the Honda Fit into pole position in Japan, knocking the Toyota Prius off its perch?

The Honda Fit has been a perenial favorite in Japan as well as in other markets, such as the US. Now with the addition of the hybrid option, Honda has created a very tempting package: A brilliantly-designed family hatch, with the efficiency of a hybrid tagged on. Honda is claiming fuel economy of 30km per liter, which is exceptionally frugal.

Is it good? Well Fit Hybrid users in Japan rated it as 4.65 out of 5 on the popular product ratings website, kakaku.com. Comments from current owners give you an idea of early user reaction:

“I commute about 60km per day through countryside that has few traffic lights and lots of mountain roads. My previous car was a Demio Sport that would get 14km per liter, but with the Fit I am getting 23km per liter – a 9km improvement.”

“To be honest, 2 million Yen is really the upper limit for a compact car, so right now the only quibble I have is with the price.”

“Concerning the engine,although it is called a hybrid, it seems to hardly ever run on the electric motor. It seems that it mainly relies on engine assistance and engine start-stop technology.”

This particular one in the car auctions in Japan is a grade S, which means that it is basically a new car – with only 3km on the clock. Although it is technically a secondhand car, to all intents and purposes, this is a brand new vehicle.

Honda Fit Hybrid in car auction in Japan(c) Integrity Exports Co. Ltd. – Japan car auction buyer and exporter.


(c) Integrity Exports Co. Ltd. – Japan car auction buyer and exporter.

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