Japanese Car Auction Finds: Lancia Delta Evolution II (1994)

Posted by Stephen On Sunday, February 20th, 2011

Having written a little about Group B rallying yesterday, I spotted this Lancia Delta Evolution II in the auction. The Delta came along right at the end of the Group B period, and is another classic of the genre.

This Lancia Delta Evolution II is in excellent condition. A grading of 4.5 is pretty much the best you could hope for at this age, and it has 81k KM on the odometer. The only things wrong with this car are literally minor dents and scratches and some minor wear on the seats. I expect the sale price on a car like this to be around 1 million Yen, maybe more given the very clean condition.

Lancia Delta Evolution II 1994 in the car auciton in Japan - front

Lancia Delta Evolution II 1994 in the car auction in Japan - rear

Lancia Delta Evolution II 1994 at car auction in Japan - auction sheet

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4 Responses to “Japanese Car Auction Finds: Lancia Delta Evolution II (1994)”

  1. Tom L says:

    Any idea what the sale price was?
    Am looking at buying one at auction – I’d be keen to know what they go for on average?
    1 million yen seems very cheap for this car.

    • Hi Tom. Well, the car was sold a while ago and I didn’t keep a note of the price at the time. Looking back over the past 3 months of data, there have been ones of grade 3.5 or 4 sold, and their prices have ranged between 1 million and 1.5 million Yen raw auction price, with the higher prices particularly for the ones with lower KM.

      You need to bear in mind that these are rare cars, so the price will be very much dependent on two things: What their exact condition is, and how much the people who are actually bidding on that particular day really want that particular car.

      I hope this helps!


  2. Teemu says:


    What is the current selling price for these lancia evolutions?

    Could you answer to my email, thanks!

  3. Hello Teemu

    You are looking at 1.5 to 2 million Yen or so for similar KM and grade 4 models. Higher KM / lower grade examples are cheaper

    Please sign up for 2 weeks of free access here — https://integrityexports.com/signup/ — and you will be able to use the Price History search function to find similar cars and see what they have sold for in the past.

    I hope this helps.


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