Toyota Coms Single-Person Electric Car

Posted by Stephen On Sunday, March 6th, 2011

Three-wheeled scooters are often used for deliveries around Japan’s cities. I am guessing that this was the market segment that Toyota was aiming at when it created this single-person 4-wheeled EV called Coms. Interestingly, it also, apparently, has 4WD – although I can’t exactly see it plowing through the drifts in Hokkaido.

It has a 50 KM range and is good for up to 50km/h apparently. I have seen a few of these for sale, though, and they all see to have quite low mileage. This one has 8,000KM on the clock, but I suppose that this has all been done in very stop-start conditions at low average speeds, so perhaps such low mileages are not unreasonable after all.

Toyota Coms single-person electric vehicle EV

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  2. mohamad maatouk says:

    I buyed one of these cars but i am having trouble in charging it . How could i charge it ?
    Please respond quickly

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