Honda Sendai Canceled March 14th 2011

Posted by Stephen On Monday, March 14th, 2011

As the devastation from the earthquake on Friday becomes more apparent, we will continue to update you with the affects on the car auctions and other aspects of the used car exporting business that are affected.

Today (Monday, March 14th), Honda Sendai will not be running. Sendai was at the center of this earthquake, so it is not surprising that Monday’s auction will not be running this week. We expect it to be a number of weeks at least before this auction is restarted. As far as we know, the other auctions on Monday are running normally, although there will be some vehicles in the Aucnet auction that are in affected areas that are therefore withdrawn from bidding.

If you would like to help the Japanese as they struggle to cope with this disaster, please consider giving via the Red Cross here.

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