Corolla Frog Becomes Ferrari Prince

Posted by Stephen On Friday, March 18th, 2011

OK, so it probably took a lot more than a kiss to transform a Corolla into this F430 Ferrari lookalike, but you certainly have to hand it to these guys in India. Apart from the wheels that are clearly a little on the small side, the proportions of the F430 bodywork are pretty accurately realized.

Toyota Corolla Ferrari F430 replica

What I want to know is who on earth decided that they wanted to try to bridge these two poles of the motoring world?

I mean, the Toyota is a great car. Great, that is, for reliability. I know: This is one of the cars I owned in Japan. And why did I buy one for myself? Simple – the business I was working for at the time had one and it was one of the most abused cars on the planet – but it just kept on truckin’.

So, sure, the Corolla is reliable. But it is a nondescript sedan that only middle-aged men will drive in Japan. (Usually with their wives sitting in the back seat as they get chauffeured to the shops and back.)

And then you have the Ferrari. Not the latest, greatest 458 Italia, but hey, still a very stylish auto – an Italian thoroughbred. Now why would you want to mate these polar opposites? The only possible reason I can think of is the same one that moutaineers cite for why they climb Everest:

Because its there.

Source: IndianAutoBlog

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