Prius No.1 Again in March Japan New Car Sales – Or Is It?

Posted by Stephen On Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

Interesting example of how statistics can be worse than lies and damn lies with the release of the sales rankings for new car sales during March 2011 in Japan: As before, the Prius has managed to hold on to the official top spot. But what are the vehicles in second and third? That’s right, both are Honda Fits.

The strange thing is that the ranking system has classified the Fit Hybrid as if it were a completely different model, rather than a sub-model of the regular Fit. This seems a very strange approach to me, as everything about the Fit Hybrid and regular Fit models is the same apart from the drivetrain.

It seems to me that the real winner in March is the Fit (counting regular ICE Fits and hybrid Fits as all one model.) But Honda can still console themselves with the fact that, even if the Prius is still the official top dog, Honda holds two out of the top three places.

Source: Response (Japanese-language)

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