What’s The Deal With The WRX STi?

Posted by Stephen On Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

I thought this was rather interesting: Just at the same time other car makers are warning about shortages due to the on-going effect of the tsunami in Japan, Subaru in the UK seems to be putting in some extra effort to push their models out the door. Not only do you get a free 20PS power upgrade developed in-house by Subaru UK (and, therefore, under warranty), but they will also throw in a free Pioneer navigation system to sweeten the deal further.

So what is going on at Subaru? The WRX has been a perennial favorite in the UK, so why all this extra effort to try to get rid of them when you would think supply would not be able to meet demand anyway? Does Subaru have some secret manufacturing base we do not know about? Or is this latest WRX iteration just not what the market really wants?

Source: Autocar

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