Integrity Exports Launches New Auction Sheet Translation Service

Posted by Stephen On Friday, April 8th, 2011

Today, Integrity Imports launched a new service for customers who use a different supplier to buy their cars from the auctions, but who would still like to take advantage of our expert translation services. Details of the new service are here, and in the press release below:

Japanese Car Auction Sheet Translation Service Offers Second Opinion To Importers

Integrity Exports becomes the first Japanese car exporter to offer an independent professional translation service to car importers worldwide, giving them peace of mind with a “second opinion” on auction information received from their main supplier.

Apr 07, 2011 – Integrity Exports today launched a new translation service aimed at car importers around the world who source their cars from Japan’s car auctions.

Stephen Munday of Integrity Exports explains: “We have a great reputation among our bidding customers for our service. In particular, we know that they really appreciate the quality of translation and communication we provide for them. However, we also know that there are other importers out their who may have a long-standing relationship with their current supplier, but at the same time they would appreciate a second opinion on the auction sheet translations they are receiving prior to bidding. That is where our auction sheet translation service comes in.”

The auction sheets that Mr. Munday refers to are the written inspectors’ reports provided by the car auctions in Japan to give potential bidders a good idea of the quality of the used cars prior to bidding.

“These auction sheets are a very valuable resource when you are considering buying vehicles from these online Japanese car auctions, but at least eighty percent of the information they contain is in Japanese. It is really crucial that potential bidders get the full picture before they make a bid – and they can only get that with a quality translation.”

The car auctions in Japan have a system of number and letter “grades” that divide the cars up into bands of quality. However, Mr. Munday still believes strongly that any potential bidder should not rely solely on the grade when bidding.

“Well, if you are talking about a grade 5 or above, then you should probably be OK. But when you go below that, you really need to take more care. It brings to mind a call I got from a person in Canada who had bought a truck at auction on the basis that it was a grade 3.5. A lot of grade 3.5s are fine, but what his supplier had failed to mention was that this one had extensive corrosion. He only found out when it arrived, but I was able to tell him right away as soon as I saw the auction sheet as it was written there in black and white.”

Intrgrity Exports is offering the same quality of translation that it provides on a daily basis to its own bidding customers in three packages. One is aimed at the single-car buyer who just wants one auction sheet translated. The other two translation packages are for 10 or 30 auction sheet translations respectively, and are more suited to someone who has a car importing business. Payment is via PayPal, and the service is provided online via email and Integrity Exports’ own online car auction system.

All translations are done by a native English speaker with post-graduate qualifications in the Japanese language as well as extensive experience translating thousands of Japanese auction inspection reports. Mr. Munday continues:

“All our translations are done by a highly-qualified human translator who is extremely experienced in translating these auction inspection reports. We never use machine or computer translations.”

Individuals and businesses who are importing cars from Japan’s car auctions are invited to learn more about this exciting new service through the link below: …

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