Japanese Car Auction Finds: BMW M6 from 1985

Posted by Stephen On Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

We are talking the original E24 M6 here, not the modern E63 / E64, which was just discontinued last year. This original M6 was fitted with a 286 horsepower engine that was a modified version of the unit fitted to the classic BMW sports car – the M1.

Interestingly, the M6 is still one of the fastest BMWs ever built, even though its top speed was “only” 158 miles per hour. You may wonder how this is possible, since the modern M6 is capable of 205 mph. But the reason is simply that modern BMWs are all fitted with limiters that artificially retard their performance and keep top speed down to just 155 mph.

If you are interested in getting one of the fastest BMWs ever built, this one below is coming up for auction on Thursday this week, although it is a grade R and has had its odometer changed, so it is not in as good condition as you would like it to be if you were a collector.

BMW M6 E24 from 1985 - Front View

BMW M6 E24 from 1985 - Rear View

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