Car Auction Finds: Lucra LC470 2011 Model

Posted by Stephen On Thursday, May 12th, 2011

Now this is a brand I have not heard of before – Lucra (presumably, as in “filthy lucre”). Well, it may be obscure, but I couldn’t help being drawn in by the exceptional looks of this car. The rear says Jaguar D-Type (although without the obvious rear wing), and the front also seems to draw heavily from 1960s heritage.

Lucra Cars LC470 2011 model at auction - front

Underneath you get an 8 cylinder engine in a package that weighs less than a tonne. The result is blistering mid-3 second acceleration to 60, but at the same time superlative handling, with the ability to pull up to 1.3G in cornering. Obviously, this is a minimalist car without the usual creature comforts you would expect from a road-going vehicle, and the new price of $80k + is going to make it rather expensive to be just a toy.

On the other hand, this one on eBay has bidding starting at $50k, but with only 200 miles on the odometer, I suspect it is going to end up quite near that new car price.

Lucra Cars LC470 2011 model - rear

Oh, yes, you did read that right: It has done just 200 miles. Pity the poor person who has to sell it so soon. Whoever it is is relocating to the UK. Perhaps they can find a target=”_blank”>suitable track day car there?

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