Mercedes Launches New C Class – Prices from 3.99 to 7 Million Yen

Posted by Stephen On Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Mercedes launched the new version of its compact sedan-based C Class in Japan on May 3oth. The new model boasts fuel efficiency gains of up to 31% over the out-going model, and Mercedes is looking to it to maintain its number 1 slot in the premium compact segment in the face of competition from BMW’s 3 series.

The interior, power train and safety equipment have all been improved with over 2,000 changes. Although this is what is usually called a “mid-life” upgrade rather than a complete model change, the scope of the changes over the previous model mean that this new C Class is somewhere between the two.

Mercedes Benz Japan launches new C Class 30 May 2011

The new body features a class-leading 0.26 cd aerodynamic efficiency that, when coupled with weight savings and other efficiency improvements results in the headline figure of up to 31% gains in fuel economy. As a result, all models in the C Class range are going to be eligible for “EcoCar” status under Japanese law, which will reduce the tax payable by purchasers. During the launch it was also announced that even the range-topping C63 AMG performance version will qualify for this EcoCar status – which either means that AMG is deploying some incredible technology to generate huge power with minimal environmental impact, or that Japan really needs to rethink the standards by which cars can qualify for this EcoCar status.

As I have already mentioned in my previous post today, when it comes to import cars, the Japanese love the German brands. I am expecting that the tax-saving benefits of the EcoCar badge are going to help Mercedes in driving C Class sales even further.

Source: Auto C-One (Japanese-language)

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