Golden Week 2012 Japan Car Auction Schedule

Posted by Stephen On Thursday, April 19th, 2012

We are approaching the Golden Week holiday period in Japan that covers the very end of April and the first week of May. We will be bidding on cars in the few auctions that will be running during that period, but shipping companies, banks and government offices will be largely closed during this period, so please bear this in mind.

The table below shows the auction schedule for this period of April 30th to May 7th. The auctions in green are the ones that will be running. The ones in gray are those that would normally be held on those days, but that will not be running during Golden week.

(May 6th is a Sunday, which is why there are no auctions on that day.)

April 30th May 1st May 2nd May 3rd May 4th May 5th May 6th May 7th
USS-R Nagoya JU Saitama JU Ishikawa TAA Kanto Arai Bayside HAA Kobe
All Honda auctions
JU Tokyo CAA Tohoku BayAuc TAA Chubu JU Sapporo JU Gifu
Aucnet CAA Tokyo IAA Osaka TAA Tohoku JU Okayama JU Nara
USS-R Nagoya
All Honda auctions CAA Gifu LAA Shikoku TAA Hokkaido NAA Tokyo Arai Oyama
JU Tokyo

TAA Kyushu Hero LAA Kansai KCAA Yamaguchi TAA Yokohama

TAA M-Kyushu KAA Kyoto KCAA Fukuoka JU Fukuoka NAA Tokyo

TAA Shikoku JAA Tokyo HAA Osaka JU Miyagi NAA Nagoya

TAA Hiroshima BCN Saitama Arai Oyama JU Chiba USS Kyushu

TAA Kinki KCAA Ebino NAA Nagoya JU Niigata USS Gunma

Arai Sendai JU Ibaraki NAA Osaka JU Tochigi USS Shizuoka

JU Shizuoka CAA Chubu JU Aichi USS Nagoya USS Okayama

JU Mie USS Sapporo JU Hiroshima USS Osaka NAA Osaka

JU Yamanashi USS Tohoku JU Fukushima USS Saitama

JU Nagano USS Fukuoka JU Gunma USS Hokuriku

SAA Sapporo USS Kobe U Kanagawa

USS Yokohama USS Niigata JU Toyama

NAA Fukuoka
SAA Hamamatsu

JU Yamaguchi
USS Tokyo

ZIP Osaka

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