Toyota 86s in Japan’s Car Auctions

Posted by Stephen On Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

The Toyota 86 and it’s cousin, the Subaru BRZ, have been making headlines. At last — fun Japanese cars at sensible prices. Drivers’ cars that aren’t about numbers and Nurburgring lap times, but which exist with the sole aim of putting a smile on your face.

And despite the fact that they’ve only just gone on sale, they are already showing up in Japanese car auctions. These are virtually new vehicles with just delivery mileage, but which are available for quite a bit less than the new list price.

Here’s a great example. Looking appropriately sinister in black, this grade S (meaning virtually new) Toyota 86 has just 63 KM on the odometer. Fresh off the production line and already looking for a new owner. Any takers? (Seriously, if you want to have a go bidding and buying cars like this, click here. We handle the bidding, buying, transportation, documents and shipping).

Toyota 86 at auction in Japan - front

Toyota 86 at auction in Japan - rear

Toyota 86 at auction in Japan - inspection report

If you’re sitting on the fence about this one, see what Autocar had to say in their review:

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