The Lexus LF-CC — Where Lexus Is Going With The Next Generation 2014 IS Series

Posted by Stephen On Friday, September 28th, 2012

With the Paris Auto Show 2012 in full swing, we knew that we were going to see a big show from the heavy hitters, and with the warm reception Lexus’s LF-LC 2+2 Hybrid Sport Coupe received during the Detroit Auto Show, we were all anxiously waiting to see if Lexus would tip their hat as to which direction they’d be going in 2014. Well, tip they did with the unveiling of what is being dubbed Lexus’s “mystery coupe.”

Actually called the LF-CC, this mid-sized coupe concept from Lexus is amazingly sleek, stylish and just looks downright sexy. With a 2.5 liter, four-cylinder engine combined into the water-cooled electric motor, we’re looking at the future of elegance, luxury and sustainability all rolled into one here. And while the full-hybrid drivetrain will certainly bring the highest performance mixed in with optimal fuel economy, mum’s the word from Lexus on the specs right now.

The New Lexus LF-CC

Needless to say, the speculation is good. Lexus kept with its family-orientated design schematics that link the LF-CC and LF-LC together. They kept the jaw-dropping, redesigned Lexus spindle grille indicating that the company might be rethinking their forward-facing direction. The key difference with the LF-CC is that it while the LF-LC seemed directly designed with the family in mind, the metallic surrounding of the grille mesh gives the LF-CC a 3D effect which gives it bite and edge.

But that’s just the beginning; the sleek, smooth lines contrasted with the aggressive body make this look more like something you’d see zipping past you on Autobahn rather than something you’d see Mom driving Junior to soccer practice in. This hybrid is definitely not for the faint of heart. The lower front fenders combine with the front fascia to bring optimal airflow to the coupe, something that makes this design really stand out amongst the crowd at the Paris Auto Show.

Add to that the pragmatic daytime running lamps being integrated into the upper bumper, separate from the astounding 3-LED projector headlights and you can see that the guys over at Lexus’s think tank really went all out with this one. Plus, the brilliant side aesthetics draw the eye seamlessly from the front end design to the rear with its raked windshields and a rear-cresting roof.

The steepness of the sloped back incline not only draws the eye, but the wind over the car in order to really give punch to the rear-drive layout, accented with a sporty wide bumper. This energetic mystery coupe is really breaking boundaries here by blurring the lines of fuel efficiency, economic sustainability and downright speedy sexiness.

Looking Ahead To The 2014 IS Series

Inside the car, the cabin speaks to the “progressive luxury” Lexus is making a shift towards with a dual-zone dashboard consisting of Operational and Display separations. The low-slung seats look brilliant behind the sport steering wheel and the placement of the foot pedals make you feel like you’re sitting in the cockpit of an Indy 500 car.

The bottom line is that the LF-CC gives us a great look at the way Lexus is thinking, particularly with the next generation 2014 IS series currently in design (or under wraps). But the better news is that the Lexus LF-CC has already been approved for production. We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to see what’s next.

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