Jay Leno Takes Topless Lexus LFA Out On It’s Home Track By Mount Fuji

Posted by Stephen On Monday, October 8th, 2012

Fans of car aficionado and late-night giant Jay Leno got a treat the other night on his popular show “Jay Leno’s Garage,” as the comic veteran took the Lexus LFA out for a spin in the car’s homeland. Making a stop first at Toyota City where Leno watched the LFA being built, the all-things-car expert then traveled to world renowned Fuji Speedway where he took the Lexus LFA out for a spin.

Unique Open LFA

But it wasn’t just any Lexus LFA Mr. Leno took out onto the track in Oyama, Japan; rather it was a white, roofless speedster that is the clean-air version of the sporty Lexus. While Leno said that the V10 was the only roofless car to be made, savvy car buffs will remember back to 2008 when a maroon roofless version was on display at auto shows (of course, maybe it wasn’t running back then and has since been repainted). Well, the one thing that he did have right is that the car is indeed, roofless. There’s no hidden storage of the roof anywhere: it simply wasn’t made with a roof, detachable or otherwise.

Regardless, Leno’s joyous reiteration of the phrase, “Oh, my God” as the supercar deftly handled the curves while hugging the track at Mt. Fuji were enough to let anyone know just how he feels about this car: superb. Proclaiming that no other care feels as “refined” as this Lexus, it was quite clear that Leno was taken aback by the innovative design, precision handling and brilliant craftsmanship that went into the car.

Lexus LFA Manufacturing Process

Earlier in the day, Leno visited the plant where the LFA is made and discussed the textile weaving process that the carbon fiber tub that holds the LFA together is constructed from. This structure is essential in allowing the LFA’s build to be stronger than steel, yet lighter than 20 kilograms. He also spoke about the intricate construction process, during which no worker is allowed to touch the car with their bare hands, instead having to wear gloves throughout the entire assembly process. Coolant is pumped at thirty-two square pounds of pressure runs through the door frame at all times, winding up in the rear radiator, which is essential in helping to cool  such a powerful engine.

Whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure: the Lexus LFA was built for class, speed, elegance and luxury and I would not be surprised to see one joining Jay Leno’s extensive car collection after his latest trip to Japan.

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