Subaru Adding Turbo Spice to BRZ Range?

Posted by Stephen On Thursday, October 25th, 2012

Exciting news! Subaru is working on a new engine for the BRZ – the sister car to Toyota’s 86. The report from Auto News should put a smile on the faces of everyone who loves the BRZ / 86, but longs for a bit more power. It also fits in well with Subaru’s heavy use of turbo chargers in cars like the Impreza.

>Subaru BRZ Turbo 2014 model

BRZ Turbo Engine Details

According to an unnamed source, this new engine will a blown version of the current naturally aspirated BRZ engine and not a completely new unit. It’s expected to have a twin-scroll turbo charger and a direct injection system providing 280 horse power and 250+ pound feet of torque. (Currently the BRZ produces 200 hp and 151 lb-feet respectively). Put that through the rear wheels, and the recipe is right for even more of the same fun recipe..

As far as “when”, well this is the big question. According to the report, Subaru will have all of this ready to go with their 2014 BRZ range. And what do you think they’ll call it? I mean, will it be a boring old “BRZ Turbo”? Or, could we finally be seeing the “BRZ STi” that everyone has been clamoring for since 2011 when the concept was unveiled?

Do We Need A Turbo BRZ?

There is a bigger question here, and that is whether a turbo model is even needed. Certainly, there were many people who thought the 200 hp of the current model BRZ would not be enough. But then you get to drive these cars (I am including the 86 here), and what you realize is that you can have a lot of fun at sensible speeds that won’t see you losing your license.

That’s not something you can say of many sports cars these days. The quest for ever-greater levels of power, higher top speeds and quicker drag times has lead to a race for ever bigger numbers. But do numbers really matter? Get a Nissan GT-R on a twisty back road and you can go fast, ludicrously fast, and yet barely ruffle the car’s feathers – or break a sweat as the driver. The BRZ / 86 might be lagging a long way behind the GT-R, but if you look at the driver, he’ll have a huge ear-to-ear grin.

So, for me, this is what this is all about. A pure driver’s car. Fun on four wheels. But throw in too much power, and you end up with just another sports car chasing figures rather that feeling. It’s going to be a delicate balance for Subaru. Is the extra power going to magnify the excitement, or undermine the whole premise of the car’s existence.

Subaru Plays It Coy

But will it even happen? A Subaru spokesman has denied this report altogether. Dominick Infante stated, “We have no plans to offer a turbo charged BRZ.” Rather than this newly designed engine going into the BRZ, it seems to be intended for the next WRX, according to Mr. Infante.

“No plans”? Maybe that’s just no plans… for now. Subaru are surely watching the media and consumer reaction. Nissan were “persuaded” to put the Juke-R into limited production. Perhaps the same will happen here.

If nothing else, Subaru have to figure out how to make their car a distinct alternative to the Toyota 86, and perhaps this is the way to do it.

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