Acura MDX Concept Car to be Unveiled at Detroit Motor Show

Posted by Stephen On Saturday, December 15th, 2012

For those of you who stay tuned in to the future of Acura via their designated Future Vehicles page, you may have noticed a new addition to the 2014 RLX and NSX concept cars listed at the bottom of the page – The 2014 MDX Concept. On Wednesday Acura released a mysterious red-tainted sketch of what the next-gen MDX is going to look like. Even though the sketch is reminiscent of a certain recently-remade 1982 sci-fi film (Tron), it still gives us helpful information on what we can expect from the new MDX luxury SUV.

2014 Acura MDX teaser

Let’s start with what we do know…

We know that the 2014 Acura MDX will be unveiled next month at the North American International Auto Show, otherwise known as the Detroit Auto Show. Acura has a tendency to preview concept cars close in design and function to the final production model, so it’s reasonable to assume that this sketch is very close to what you will find at your local dealership next fall. This artistic sketch lines up very closely with the spy photos of test mules “in the wild” taken in August of 2012.

We also know Acura has already said that the next-gen MDX is going to feature a design language known as “Aero Sculpture”, which seems a fitting description of the aesthetic seen in the concept sketch. Acura says that Aero Sculpture is a “design language affecting both form and function,” and that “the 2014 MDX Prototype will feature alluring proportions with smooth, arching body lines matched to an efficient architecture.” Sounds good, but also seems to have a bit of a “me-too” aspect given the almost identical things we have heard from Mazda about their Kodo design language.

What we don’t know about the new MDX is specifications… For that we are left to speculation.

Rumor has it that the new luxury SUV will run on the same engine as the 2014 RLX sedan (debuted at the LA Auto Show last month) – a 310hp 3.5L V6 with direct injection. But, there’s a good chance that it will feature a brand-new nine-speed automatic transmission capable of handling both two- and four-wheel-drive. If the spy-shots from five months ago are accurate, we can expect the new MDX to be slightly longer and with a softer beak grille than the “keen edge” design seen from the current-gen MDX.

The new MDX also appears to feature the same Jewel-Eye LED headlights as the future 2014 RLX, as well as similarly styled high arches over the wheels. Perhaps the MDX will also feature the same noise reducing tire and windshield design as the RLX – That would be excellent. Either way, the overall design does a good job of implying the excellent driving dynamics we know Acura is capable of producing.

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend you spend some time just taking in the concept sketch of the 2014 MDX Prototype. Despite its mysterious nature, there is actually quite a bit to be learned about the new Acura, especially if you keep the current MDX in mind as a reference point. Best of all, this is just one of the many goodies we can look forward to next month at the highly anticipated Detroit Auto Show, so stay tuned!

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