2014 Nissan March / Micra Debuts in Thailand

Posted by Stephen On Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

I know that we’re all waiting on the edge of our seats for the 2013 New York Auto Show later this week. Don’t worry, we’ll be discussing what Japanese cars you can expect in New York tomorrow. For now, we have a small treat to tide you over. Below you’re going to learn about the changes to the redesigned 2014 Nissan March just released in Thailand. FYI, the March is also known as the Nissan Micra in European and Japanese markets.

For those of you keeping tally, the last time the Nissan March got any attention was at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show when the new generation was unveiled for sale starting in Thailand, and gradually moving through India, Europe and Japan. It looks like Nissan is repeating that pattern again, as our news of the facelifted March comes from Nissan’s Thailand page. The car will, again, start sales in Thailand and become available in Europe, India and Japan over the rest of 2013.

To be fair, we unofficially saw spyshots of the new Nissan Micra hatchback a couple weeks ago. The photos were taken during the filming of a TV commercial in Thailand. Perhaps the spyshot commercial is the very same one we are now seeing on YouTube? You’ll have to watch it to find out.

Other than an action-packed commercial, what’s new with the 2014 Nissan March?

First and foremost, the exterior design gets the biggest change. The Nissan March hasn’t been selling very well, and critics often point to a “cute” or “bubbly” appearance as the reason why. The new facelift should change that. Nissan has added new bumpers, a sleeker front grille, and even some of those LEDs that are all the rage these days. Plus, buyers now have the choice to upgrade to 15-inch alloy wheels with new hubcaps. All in all, the exterior looks much more interesting, but does it work? To me, it seems like the old March … uglified.

New Nissan March 2014 model

As for the interior, critics again had something to say, and Nissan listened. The previous Nissan March was seen as simultaneously cheap and dated on the inside, even though it got a major overhaul just three years ago in 2010. The 2014 Nissan March aims to fix that with higher quality materials, a brand-new center console, redone graphical controls and a more stylish color scheme throughout.

Mechanically speaking, this is the one area where Nissan didn’t listen, and everything is staying the same for 2014. Even though Europeans have been calling for a diesel engine, the only option buyers will get is the same 79hp three cylinder 1.2L engine paired with a CVT that’s been available in previous versions. At least, as far as we know.

Truth be told, we actually don’t know if the changes made to the Nissan March will carry over to the Nissan Micra, but I’m sure that prospective Micra-buyers would like them to. Either way, I hope that this new car from Nissan has satiated your automotive appetite until later this week when we get to see the goodies from New York. Stay tuned!

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