Auction Supra Goes Drifting

Posted by Stephen On Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

Massive thanks to Scandinavian customer Dan who sent me these superb shots of the Supra he bought from us drifting in a major local championship. As usual, click to see them in their full-size glory.

Dan tells me that it is currently running at 560WHP (which means 560 horsepower at the wheels – so obviously a lot more at the engine) with 820Nm of torque. I can tell you that these figures are quite a bit more than when we bought it for him from the auction in Japan. But Dan is concerned that this might not be quite enough, so he is currently doing some testing at 698WHP and 930Nm. Go Dan!

In the words of Jeremy Clarkson … “POWERRRRRRRRRRRR!”

Enjoy …

Drifting Supra


Supra with tire smoke

Supra in pits

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