New Infiniti Q30 Concept Revealed Ahead of Frankfurt Motor Show

Posted by Stephen On Thursday, August 29th, 2013

Earlier in August we discussed the great news that the Infiniti Q30 Concept would be making its official debut next month at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show. At the time, we promised to keep you updated should there be any further news on the subject.

Well, as of today, there is.

With your jaw securely fastened to your skull, let your eyes creep down this page to behold the first official image of the new Infiniti Q30 Concept:

Infiniti Q30 Concept Car

She’s a beauty, ain’t she? Obviously, this particular photo is a bit on the artistic side, but it still gives you a very clear idea of what Infiniti’s new concept will look like in the metal.

A Frankfurt debut is appropriate for the new Q30 Concept given Infiniti’s intention for this new offering: to bring their A-game against a competitive market dominated by European automakers. Thus, the Q30 is the result of what Infiniti believes the contemporary (aka, young) European premium driver wants from a compact… It’s sleek, stylish, efficient and completely unique. The Q30 is not quite sedan, not quite crossover, not quite coupe and not quite hatchback; it’s a little bit of everything. These blended styling trends can sometimes come off as misguided or ‘trying too hard’, but the Q30 Concept exudes its unique style and feel with refinery and class; no easy feat.

Infiniti itself admits that the Q30 Concept is “the next step in Infiniti’s foray into new premium segments,” and that the premium compact “will target a new generation of premium customers.” According to the press release, “Infiniti is confident this merging of the dynamic design and sportiness of a coupe, the roominess of a hatch and the higher stance of a crossover will resonate with these customers.”

Unfortunately, while this brand-new preview tells us just about everything we could want to know about the Infiniti Q30 Concept’s appearance (except for specific size), we’re still mostly in the dark regarding the car’s powertrain configuration. Here’s what we know:

* The Q30 will likely feature front-wheel drive and might not even offer all-wheel drive.
* Infiniti is using the platform from Mercedes’ A-Class vehicles, thanks to a technical alliance.
* It’s possible that Infiniti will borrow an engine from Mercedes-Benz, too.
* Even though the Q30’s prequel concepts from previous years showcased hybrid powertrains, it’s reasonably likely the new compact will be petrol only
* Various sources across the web have estimated a powertrain capable of somewhere between 200hp and 260hp

Realistically, though, as long as the Infiniti Q30 drives well, it should do just fine when it eventually makes it to production as a 2015MY. There probably aren’t too many young European drivers who will nitpick over powertrain specs; a unique aesthetic and a thrilling ride are more important.

Either way, this is probably the last we’ll hear about the Infiniti Q30 Concept before the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show opens doors on September 10. Until then, feel free to check out Infiniti’s official press release for more information. Otherwise, stay tuned in a few weeks and we’ll have the full scoop for you.

Source: Infiniti

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