Toyota Reveals Hot Yaris Hybrid-R Concept With Mechanical Details

Posted by Stephen On Friday, August 30th, 2013

You’ll probably recall a couple of weeks ago when we first discussed Toyota’s Frankfurt-bound concept, the Hybrid-R. At the time, the only info we had to go on was a simple Hybrid-R logo, which, unsurprisingly, didn’t give us much fodder for speculation. Nonetheless, our theory was that the Hybrid-R Concept could possibly be the prequel to a Toyota Supra revival.

Unfortunately, that particular theory no longer seems such a likely explanation given the “Yaris” (Vitz in Japan) in the new concept’s name. However, as you continue reading, I think you’ll remain as enthused, if not more so, than if our theory had proven true. So, without further ado, here is the official Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R Concept:

Yaris Hybrid R

What’s that, you say? Why would Toyota think that anyone in their right mind would want to drive a Yaris supercar?

Well, here’s the kicker: the once-drab three-door subcompact now features a total power output of 420 bhp! Even without exterior modifications (of which there are plenty), any car powered by a “high-density super capacitor” is enough to arouse even the most latent of automotive curiosities. And c’mon, 420 bhp!

Technically, the powertrain breakdown is as follows:

Up front, the Yaris Hybrid-R Concept features a turbocharged gas-powered 1.6 liter Global Race Engine with 300 bhp (FIA compliant, of course). In the rear, each back wheel is independently powered by a 60 bhp electric motor. Then just like in Toyota’s 2013 Le Mans race car, the TS030 Hybrid LMP1, you’ve got the 60-hp non-driving-motor generator and the super capacitor setup in the middle to rapidly harness power during deceleration, and then quickly deliver that power to the rear motors during bursts of acceleration.

Electric motors deliver instant torque at any RPM. Did I hear you say “yummy”?

Yaris Hybrid R powertrain

What’s really cool is that Toyota tailored the Hybrid-R Concept with both street driving and track driving in mind. So, depending on the mode you’re in, the capacitor will deliver a 10-second boost of approximately 80 bhp, or a 5-second boost of 120 bhp. And of course, the rear wheels receive different amounts of torque depending on road conditions and curve radius. With the high-power engine and intelligent driving capabilities, Toyota says that the Yaris Hybrid-R Concept could be made suitable for a number of different applications.

With the 16th anniversary of the Toyota Prius in mind, perhaps that broad spectrum of application is exactly what the Yaris Hybrid-R Concept is trying to prove. Toyota did say that the concept was, “created as a showcase for possible future hybrid development ideas,” and that they, “will have introduced a further 16 new or revised hybrid models” by the end of 2015. In fact, it seems reasonably likely that there will never actually be a Yaris Hybrid-R, and that the concept is purely for technology showcasing purposes. Either way, we’re excited and you should be too. We’ll get to see everything come September 10 at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show.

And hey, maybe the Hybrid-R previews a new Toyota Supra after all? Anything’s possible! With a drivetrain like that on board, I don’t think there was be any complaining out there in Internetland.

Source: Autoblog & press release

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