Japan Car Auction Finds: Subaru Impreza XV Hybrid

Posted by Stephen On Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

To give you an idea of just how quickly newly launched models start appearing at the auctions, check this out: It wasn’t but a few weeks back that we posted here about Subaru’s first hybrid car, the Crosstrek XV Hybrid.

Inside Japan, this car is known as the Impreza XV Hybrid, and here is a grade S (brand new) one with just 10KM on the clock at auction in Japan on Thursday. Yes, the auctions in Japan are a great source for any kinds of cars ancient to brand new. Just what you would expect considering that 7.2 million used vehicles passed through the auctions in 2012.

Here’s the link to see this car in our online system — https://integrityexports.com/start/#51325925

Impreza XV Hybrid Front

Impreza XV Hybrid Rear

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