Honda FCEV Concept Confirmed for LA Auto Show

Posted by Stephen On Thursday, November 14th, 2013

Honda FCEV concept

While Toyota debuts their brand-new FCV Concept in Japan at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, Honda will premiere their own hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle next week at the 2013 LA Motor Show in the US.

Being that both motor shows open doors on almost exactly the same date (next Wednesday vs. next Friday), it seems that we’re poised to officially begin the race for hydrogen fuel-cell dominance in the automotive market. The Toyota FCV Concept that we saw last week looks extremely promising. As you continue reading, we’ll explore whether or not Honda’s FCEV Concept holds any of the same potential.

Introducing the Honda FCEV Concept

The image at the top of this page is, unfortunately, the only one that we currently have of the Honda FCV Concept. As you can see, it’s markedly less detailed and realistic than the images of Toyota’s FCV Concept published earlier last week. But, it’s enough to allow the vaguest of expectations to be set.

For instance, the image depicts what looks to be a very sporty coupe with lots of stylistic goodies – a low ride, muscular wheels, an aggressively wide-set grille, and an overall aerodynamic design.  According to Mike Accavitti, VP of American Honda, “The Honda FCEV Concept demonstrates the company’s vision for the future of personal mobility and our commitment to developing advanced alternative fuel vehicles.”

In other words, it looks like Honda is acutely aware that driving a hydrogen-powered vehicle is frustrating at a time when fueling stations are few and far between. So, you might as well have a lot of fun driving between them — and that’s where the FCEV Concept comes in. It’s high-performance with zero-emissions.

Honda FCV Concept Set for 2015 Production

Interestingly, Honda claims that they’re aiming to make the FCEV Concept production-ready by 2015. This is interesting for two reasons:

First, 2015 is the same year that Toyota has promised to launch the production-version of their FCV Concept. They’ve been saying this all year.

Second, in January of this year (2013) Honda said that they expected their first commercial fuel-cell vehicle to be in production by 2017, not 2015. And, at the time they were planning to work with Daimler and Ford to make that date happen. However, there’s no mention of either partner in Honda’s official press release detailing the FCEV concept’s debut. So, not only have they abandoned the collaboration with Daimler and Ford, they’ve also somehow moved up the FCEV’s projected production date!

Weird, huh? I guess those guys were slowing things down. Who’da thunk too many cooks could spoil the eco-friendly broth?

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to clarify anything else about the Honda FCEV Concept until next Friday when they pull the curtains off the metal version at the 2013 LA Motor Show. The only other particularly interesting vehicle that Honda will showcase in LA is the revised 2014 Honda Civic Coupe. So, come back after November 22nd for the real deal.

Until then, thanks for reading and check back soon for more low down on Japanese cars.

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