Subaru Legacy Concept Unveiled Ahead of the 2013 LA Motor Show

Posted by Stephen On Saturday, November 16th, 2013

Subaru Legacy concept

After discussing the new Subaru WRX yesterday, it seems fitting that today we would follow up with a discussion of the other new vehicle Subaru will debut at the upcoming 2013 LA Motor Show. It’s called the Subaru Legacy Concept, and as of today we have official images of what the new premiere will look like.

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For your information, the Subaru Legacy Concept will eventually become the 2015 Subaru Legacy sedan. Basically, Subaru has had great success with their recently updated / released BRZ, Impreza and XV Crosstrek, each catering to a wildly different market. So, this concept is a pointer in the direction they want to take the current Legacy sedan, as well as an overall prequel to Subaru’s vision for its design language.

This Legacy Concept is of particular importance because it also celebrates the Subaru Legacy’s 25th year of production. It’s a testament to the great advances Subaru has made over the past quarter-century. And, at least from the images, it looks like the concept has what it takes to hold up 25 years of history.

In typical show car fashion, the Subaru Legacy Concept features an extremely sporty aesthetic. Looking more coupe than sedan, the concept looks more like something you would expect from Infiniti or Lexus than from Subaru.

The Legacy Concept has all the makings of a trendy concept. It’s got the rising belt line, the slanted hawk-eye LEDs, the overbearingly strong grille, the sporty air intakes, the flared fenders and the muscular 21-inch wheels to compete with the best of them. And, the swanky exterior also features a new custom color called Ocean Silver Metallic, which we’re sure will look will look even better in-the-metal.

Sadly, we really don’t know much else about the Subaru Legacy Concept or the 2015 Subaru Legacy which it will eventually produce. All we know is that the flared wheel arches are intended to “hint at the standard Subaru Symmetrical all-wheel drive drivetrain.”

And as we know, Subaru has a bad habit of building up lots of enthusiasm for stellar concepts, only to turn them into drab and ordinary production models (the new Subaru WRX, anyone?) which will also be at the 2013 LA Motor Show. Let’s hope the next-gen Legacy doesn’t turn out the same way.

Other than the Subaru Legacy Concept and of the new Subaru WRX, the only other newbie Subie we stand to see in LA is the Tribeca replacement. But, don’t hold your breath – Subaru has adamantly refused to give us a timeline for that vehicle, which it says will be a seven-seater. Either way, the only way to know for sure is to come back next week when doors open at the 2013 LA Motor Show. So, stay tuned!

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