The Suzuki X-Lander, Crosshiker & Hustler Concepts from Tokyo

Posted by Stephen On Saturday, November 30th, 2013

As we said in our preview article for the three concepts listed in the title, the theme of Suzuki’s booth at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show is, “Let’s Create a Brand New Story”. The concepts discussed below are Suzuki’s attempt at meeting the demands of today’s – and tomorrow’s – drivers. Whether they actually accomplish this goal is up to you to decide.

Before we get any further, though, it important to note that unlike the other Japanese carmakers we’ve discussed this week, Suzuki’s Tokyo Motor Show premieres consist of more than just the cars below… There are at least three new motorcycle concepts which we won’t discuss at this time. Keep that in mind as you’re evaluating their automotive spread.

Suzuki Crosshiker Concept

According to Suzuki, the Crosshiker Concept is the sequel to the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show’s Regina Concept. Right in line with what we’d learned in the previews, this is a very compact crossover coming in at just under 1,800 pounds. It will buzz along tight city roads with a little 1.0L three-cylinder. Suzuki describes it as, “a car packed with lightweight and fuel-efficient technologies,” just like its predecessor, the Regina.

From a design standpoint, Suzuki has done a good job of making the mini-crossover look vividly alive. The Suzuki Crosshiker Concept’s curvaceous silhouette feels both familiar and intriguing at the same time; especially the gradient red-black grille and the fluid, roundly slanted headlights. On the whole, the crossover looks just as good in-the-metal as we’d hoped it would from the previews.

Suzuki X-Lander Concept

The rugged X-Lander Concept is a study in functional design, the seamless fusing of utility and economy. Another compact crossover, this Suzuki Jimny-based concept uses a hybrid powertrain with a 1.3L engine and manual transmission to offer a perfect balance of power and fuel efficiency. Suzuki describes it as a vehicle “loaded full with playful touches so that the vehicle looks like a fusion of off-road power and mechanical precision.”

As you can see, the Suzuki X-Lander’s design is certainly unique – it’s an open top crossover, looking more like something you might expect on a military base than a city street. That’s not to say it looks bad, though; not at all.

Suzuki Hustler & Hustler Coupe Concept

As yet another crossover (are you beginning to see a theme here?), the Suzuki Hustler Concept is designed to be an outdoors-friendly minicar that’s both fun and convenient to drive. Suzuki also showcased a coupe-version, called the Hustler Coupe concept, as seen below:

As you can see, the only thing that makes the Hustler Coupe Concept a ‘coupe’ is the fact that has two doors. Otherwise, it almost looks more like an SUV than its namesake.

Unfortunately, it seems that Suzuki is still determined to keep powertrain details quiet for these last two concepts. It’s safe to infer, then, that these are the two concepts furthest from production. Although, again, this is mere speculation on our part.

Before we finish, it’s important to remind all of our US readers that these cars are not for you. Suzuki is primarily targeting Europe and its home market, Japan, with these new concepts. The recurring themes you’ve seen throughout their new concepts are compact size, versatile interior space and fuel efficiency. It’s safe to say that these are the tenets of Suzuki’s brand-new story.

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