Honda Vezel by Mugen Spoiled via Stray Sales Brochure

Posted by Stephen On Friday, December 20th, 2013

As you may know, the Honda Vezel is an upcoming Fit-based crossover, which will be a much-needed addition to Honda’s lineup. The four-door Vezel aims to slot in somewhere below the CR-V, but above the Honda Fit. Almost like a Nissan Juke. Which makes sense, since every brand wants their own Juke these days.

You may remember that we first saw the production-ready Honda Vezel (above) a few weeks ago at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show. If you have a really good memory, you’ll recall that we even seen a prequel to the Honda Vezel at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show several months before that – the Honda Urban SUV Concept.

While the Honda Vezel has yet to officially launch in its Honda’s home market of Japan (it launches on December 20th), the brand has already put their Mugen motorsport division to work on a premium model.

This is a scanned image taken from a Japanese marketing brochure, and it’s been making waves around the Internet for the past 48 hours. As you can see, there are several changes between the Tokyo Motor Show Vezel at the beginning of this post and the Vezel by Mugen pictured above…

First, the entire vehicle has been lowered closer to the ground thanks to a gray underskirt, a front under spoiler, and a rear apron. Mugen’s Vezel also gets a reworked front grille, exhaust pipes, and window shades. It also gets a slight rear spoiler and new, stylish tires to go in gray-accented wheel wells.

As far as powertrain differences, the ad in the brochure indicates that there won’t be any changes between the original and Mugen’s version. The ad says that the car pictured features a 1.5-liter direct-injection engine, while a hybrid version is available with a high-output electric motor and Sport Hybrid i-DCD.

Even though we’re seeing the Mugen spoiler before the regular Vezel has been released, it seems unlikely that we will see the Honda Vezel by Mugen make it to production anytime in the next three months. According to Japanese media sources, the waiting list for the new Honda Vezel extends all the way through March. Of course, we could be wrong here, but our best guess is that we’ll see the Honda Vezel Mugen sometime in the middle of 2014, once the initial launch-snowball has started to slow.

Either way, if you’re reading this outside of Japan, your real concern should be getting your hands on a Honda Vezel in the first place. We have no idea if or when we’ll get a Honda Vezel outside of Japan, or if it will even be called by the same moniker if/when we do. But, with the “elegance of a coupe, the functionality of a minivan and the qualities of an SUV,” let us sincerely hope that we will!

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