Toyota Unofficially Confirms New Toyota Supra Concept in 2014

Posted by Stephen On Friday, December 20th, 2013

It feels like every three months throughout 2013, we’ve heard some new rumor about how Toyota might-finally-hopefully-bring-back-the-Supra-quick-everybody-cross-your-fingers. Well, earlier this week, we heard a new rumor that puts all those previous rumors to shame. That’s probably because it’s not a rumor at all, but an unofficial promise by Toyota to bring a production-intent Supra Concept to the 2014 Detroit Auto Show next January.

To add a little context, the Toyota Supra was a much-loved sports coupe that had a solid 16-year run from 1986 to 2002. Unfortunately, the car was slowly pushed out of production due to its high emissions in a world where government-enforced emissions standards were quickly becoming the norm.

Despite its eco-unfriendliness, the Toyota Supra was a well-respected and adored sports car, and one that Toyota fans have never fully forgotten. Since 2002, Toyota has fanned the rumor mill’s flames every now and then with hints of a possible successor. Finally, after years of teasing, top-level Toyota executives have unofficially confirmed that we will see a Toyota Supra Concept in just one month’s time.

The last time we heard rumors this serious about a Supra successor was back in 2007 at that year’s Detroit Auto Show. At the show, Toyota premiered the FT-HS Concept which you can find pictured at the top of this post.

Possible Preview of the Toyota Supra Concept?

As you can see, Toyota has a strange affinity for following patterns. And that’s exactly why the preview of the Gran Turismo 6 Vision Concept is so intriguing.

The image previews Toyota’s contribution to the Gran Turismo 6 Vision Series, a downloadable add-on to the Gran Turismo 6 racing video game. The series is a collection designs and concepts from a variety of brands – not just automakers – and it just so happens that Toyota’s contribution is a coupe racer that looks eerily similar to the FT-HS Concept in profile, albeit with a large rear spoiler and some other performance add-ons.

More interestingly still, the original Toyota Supra was so beloved that it too made its way into numerous racing video games, including some of the older members of the Gran Turismo genealogy.

One final coincidence to top it off? The Gran Turismo 6 Vision Series DLC (downloadable content) will be available for download sometime in early January, right around the same time as the 2014 Detroit Motor Show.

And there you have it. That’s what you call bringing a news story full circle.

So, for any of you who’ve been waiting near a decade for a Toyota Supra comeback, the time is upon us. In just one month’s time, we could very well be looking at the all-new Toyota Supra sequel. If it comes, you can be sure that you’ll see it here, so stay tuned!

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