2014 Subaru Legacy Teased Ahead of Chicago Debut

Posted by Stephen On Saturday, February 1st, 2014

The 2014 Chicago Motor Show is next week, so it’s not too surprising that we’ve begun to see an influx of automotive previews this week as automakers drum up hype for their newest creations.

The latest teaser to hit the web is that of the next-gen Subaru Legacy. To preview the production version of their flagship sedan, they released the below image with a short press blurb.

New Subaru Legacy Teaser Image

As it happens, 2014 is actually the Subaru Legacy’s 25th birthday, making it a special year for the Japanese brand’s beloved mid-size sedan. In this, the Legacy’s 25th anniversary year, it seems proper that Subaru will turn a new leaf and reignite their fans’ passion for their flagship model. We’re hoping that the new Legacy will finally be the car that breaks the cycle of ‘exciting concept, boring car’.

By way of comparison, this is the Subaru Legacy Concept we saw at the 2013 LA Motor Show:

Subaru Legacy concept

As you can see, it looks as if the production model has retained most of the Legacy Concept’s most appealing stylistic attributes. Even in the darkened teaser, you can still see the elegant, swooping beltline, the coupe-ish silhouette and a similar-but-tamer version of the head and taillights. The teaser showcases several new attributes as well – the front clip has been elongated slightly, and the roofline has been heightened for more interior space.

Subaru’s short press release says mostly the same:

“The all-new Legacy is a mid-size sports sedan which offers enhanced driveability and functionality while achieving a design required for a flagship model with a quality feel. Its styling fused with functionality such as roominess and visibility embodies the design direction proposed by the “Legacy Concept” at the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show.”

Unfortunately, we really don’t know anything more than what we can glean of the car’s exterior from the teaser photo. We have no idea what the interior will feel like, or what kind of enhancements the various trim packages will offer.

We can safely assume that the powertrain will feature some sort of combination of boxer engine and CVT, likely configured for all-wheel drive, but we’ve no actual numbers to give you.

What we can tell you is this:

The Subaru Legacy is ready to compete.

The mid-size sedan segment is a competitive one – Accord, Camry, Fusion, Altima, just to name a few – and with this new, modernized Legacy, Subaru’s looking to take on an even bigger chunk of that market. When the car goes on sale (likely) at the end of 2014, Subaru hopes its Legacy will be even more appealing to the young and the sporty than its boxy predecessors. All in all, we’re just waiting to be impressed when the car is finally unveiled on February 6th, next Thursday.

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