Online Japan Car Auction System Secured With GeoTrust SSL

Posted by Stephen On Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

At Integrity Exports, our goal is to make buying from Japan’s car auctions stress-free and secure, which is why we are also ahead of our competition in making sure all pages on our online auction system are secured with SSL encryption.

Yes, that’s the same method banks use to keep customer transactions safe over the Internet. We may not be a bank, so perhaps this is overkill. But you never know when there may be someone trying to grab your password, particularly if you are on an unsecured network, like you would find in cafes or libraries.

We take your security and privacy seriously. Our GeoTrust SSL encryption covers all your transactions on our online system, whether logging on, viewing cars, checking out your account balance, or downloading invoice PDFs.

You will see that all the online auction system pages have https URLs like this:

Secure HTTPS encryption

And at the bottom of every page in the online system, you will see the GeoTrust seal, confirming the authenticity of our website security:

Online car auction system secured by GeoTrust

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