Mazda Hazumi Concept Previewed Ahead of Geneva Motor Show

Posted by Stephen On Thursday, February 27th, 2014

Mazda Hazumi Concept Geneva Show 2014

The 2014 Geneva Motor Show is precisely one week away, so the entire online automotive community is awash with all sorts of teasers and previews for new cars and concepts. The latest and greatest Japanese car preview to come across our desk is that of the new Mazda Hazumi Concept, a small car with the potential to make a big impact for the underdog automaker.

As you might guess, the Hazumi Concept is a preview for Mazda’s next-gen subcompact vehicle, the Mazda2. The name Hazumi actually means “bound” or “spring up” in Japanese, so, as Mazda points out, it’s a name “well-suited to a small car that appears to be bursting with energy”. As long as it’s not like one of those annoying little yip yip dogs that always tries to bight your ankles.

Honestly, the above teaser alone would have been enough to get us thoroughly excited for the Mazda Hazumi Concept, but the upcoming Mazda2 is also a car to be excited about.

As you can see even from the official image alone, the car is clearly an excellent representation of Mazda’s award-winning Kodo design language, which in and of itself is largely responsible for the brand’s recent resurgence. In short, the Mazda2 seeks to follow suit with the Mazda3, Mazda6 and CX-5 – it’s simultaneously elegant and appetizing, the kind of car you’d want to be seen driving.

As far as tech-specs, Mazda has remained entirely quiet on the subject. However, the press release does indicate that Mazda will also debut a new SKYACTIV-D engine at the Geneva Motor Show next week. It’ll be a 1.5L clean diesel with unspecified power output. Obviously, it’s safe to assume that this newly developed small-displacement engine will be a perfect fit for Mazda’s newest subcompact; at least, it’ll be a perfect fit in the European market where diesels do well. Even if it’s not, though, you can bet that the new Mazda2 will be even more fun to drive than the current generation, which is saying something given the current Mazda2’s already-excellent reviews.

Last, but not least, Mazda will also have a 25th anniversary exhibit for their iconic Mazda MX-5 Miata, showcasing their incredibly successful roadster and how it’s changed (or, more likely, how it’s remained the same) over the years.

All in all, we’re extremely excited for Mazda’s contribution to the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. With three major exhibits slated for the event, there’s certainly plenty to look forward to. In all honesty, we expect that the Mazda Hazumi Concept will be one of the chief highlights of the entire motor show, from a Japanese automaker or otherwise, so stay tuned next week when we get to see the full reveal.

And, until then, thanks for reading!

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