Top 6 Japanese Cars Coming to the 2014 Geneva Motor Show

Posted by Stephen On Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

In Europe, the first hours of the 2014 Geneva Motor Show have already passed, and several new cars have already been unveiled. As the rest of the week unfolds, these are the top five Japanese cars to look out for from the 2014 Geneva Motor Show:

#1. Next-Gen Toyota Aygo

We’ve received new teasers of the upcoming Toyota Aygo since our original blog post on the new car. Just remind you, this is the car that was developed in collaboration with French auto group Peugot-Citroen, and it has a distinctly European feel to it as a result. Toyota has gone the extra mile to differentiate their city car from their French partners, however, with the Aygo getting a distinct rear end and window configuration from the Peugot 108 or Citroen C1.

#2. Mazda Hazumi Concept

Mazda Hazumi Concept Geneva Show 2014

This is another car that we’ve received a new teaser for since our original blog post. The concept heralds the new Mazda2 city car, which is actually a common theme throughout the Geneva motor show… Almost every car from Japanese automakers or otherwise is either a city car or a super car. That’s Europe for ya.

In our opinion, the Mazda Hazumi Concept is the single most exciting car to look out for, but that could be our indescribable bias towards Mazda speaking.

#3 & #4. New Nissan Juke & GT-R NISMO

Nissan is actually bringing two new vehicles to the Geneva Motor Show this year, although the Nissan GT-R NISMO is only making its European debut, not its worldwide one. As for the new Nissan Juke, we wrote about it here, and since then Nissan has continued to release more and more teasers through social media participation. The latest image to be teased is pictured below, this one revealing a possible sunroof:

#5 & #6. Lexus RC F Sports Coupe & GT3 Racing Concept

Lexus RC 350F Sport

Last, but not least, we have the new Lexus RC F SPORT, an extremely appealing sports coupe that’s taken influence from the old Lexus LFA supercar both in technology and design. It looks extremely promising, but if you can believe it, Lexus is actually bringing something even more appealing to go along with it.

We hinted at in our teaser post – it’s the Lexus RC F GT3 Racing Concept (below), and it’s basically a souped-up RC F SPORT coupe with shimmering holographic decals and a huge rear spoiler, along with several other performance enhancements. And it has real-world application too; Lexus plans to race the RC F GT3 in the Japanese Super GT Series later this year.

Lexus RC F GT3 Racing Concept

All in all, there’s a lot to look forward to from the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. Stay tuned throughout the rest of the week for in-depth coverage of all the sweetest new Japanese cars from Europe’s biggest automotive event of the year.

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