Mazda Hazumi Concept is Everything We Hoped for & More

Posted by Stephen On Saturday, March 8th, 2014

Mazda Hazumi concept - Geneva Motor Show 2014

Coming into the 2014 Geneva motor show, we boldly claimed that the new Mazda Hazumi Concept would be the most exciting car of the show. Now, having seen the car in the metal, we stand by our prediction. While it may not be quite as flashy as the supercars coming from the likes of Ferrari or Mercedes, the Hazumi makes up for it by being an all-around excellent concept that’s reportedly very close to production.

Yes, you heard that right; where most automakers tend to over-promise with their show cars, the only changes between the Mazda Hazumi Concept and the next-gen Mazda2 will be minor aesthetic details such as the headlights, wheels, and door handles. This is the same tactic Mazda used with the Kodo-themed Mazda6 and CX-5, so it’s safe to assume that the overall aggressive design – intended to evoke a sort of predatory animal – will remain intact.

Instead, the biggest changes between the Hazumi and the eventual Mazda2 will likely come from the interior. As you can see below, the Hazumi concept actually features a surprisingly luxurious interior with intricate leather stitching and a bevy of high-tech features. If these features – the leather stitching in particular – remain in the new 2, it seems likely that they’d be relegated to a premium trim package.

Mazda Hazumi concept interior - Geneva Motor Show 2014

Even if the eventual production hatchback loses some flair, Mazda assures us that the eventual production model will feature an interior focused on craftsmanship, safety and connectivity.

As far as mechanics, Mazda hasn’t made any specific claims for the production Mazda2. However, the Hazumi was shown alongside a brand-new, highly efficient diesel engine. It’s the SKYACTIV-D 1.5, and it’s basically a smaller, cleaner version of the engine currently featured in the Mazda CX-5. The car also apparently utilizes Mazda’s i-STOP and i-ELOOP systems for stop-start functionality and regenerative braking capabilities, respectively. Taken together, these technologies reportedly allow the Hazumi to achieve CO2 emissions below 90g/km. Although Mazda hasn’t made any specific claims, it’s estimated that the new Mazda2 will be able to achieve at least 50mpg, if not more.

The engine, will be mated to an automatic transmission within a lightweight chassis developed specifically for the new compact hatchback. This means that the Mazda2 will meet Europe’s Euro 6 regulations without breaking a sweat, but also without sacrificing any fun-factor. Mazda reports that the engine maintains consistent torque throughout its rev range. However, an unspecified 1.5L petrol may be used for non-European customers.

Last, but not least, the Hazumi Concept also features all of Mazda’s latest safety technologies, including i-Activesense forward collision mitigation and lane departure warning. It’ll also get the entertainment goods too, such as Mazda’s MZD Connect smartphone-compatible infotainment system. Interior images indicate this system may even extend to rear passengers.

All in all, what makes the Mazda Hazumi Concept so exciting is just how close to production it’s reported to be. Even if the new Mazda2 only inherits 80% of the aesthetic and technological features seen in this show car, we’d be thrilled, and we’re guessing that most European drivers would be too. There’s no reason to believe that the next Mazda2 will do anything but improve Mazda’s European market position.

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