Nissan Bringing ‘New Sedan Concept’ to 2014 Beijing Motor Show

Posted by Stephen On Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

Nissan New Sedan Concept

With the 2014 Geneva Motor Show officially behind us, the next major auto show is set for the end of April. It’s the 2014 Beijing Motor Show, otherwise known as Auto China. As you might expect, it’s set to be an event automakers will use to show their newest cars and concepts primarily intended for the Chinese market. However, that’s not to say that it won’t have international impact, especially for the likes of Nissan.

Just a couple days ago Nissan released their first official teaser of the car they will primarily showcase at Auto China 2014; a car known only as the ‘new sedan concept’. Whether or not the concept will get a more creative name between now and then remains to be seen, but since the Sport Sedan Concept was their last show car, we wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t.

Even though the concept has a boring name right now, the concept itself is slated to be anything but. Nissan has described it as the climax their past three concepts have been building towards, each embodying a different aspect of Nissan’s future vehicles. So, even though all we’ve seen of the new sedan concept is a vague, sheet-veiled image in the video at the bottom of this post, we can actually glean quite a bit about what that sheet may hide.

First, though, go ahead and watch the video for yourself. It features Nissan’s executive design director, Mamoru Aoki, discussing how they’ve taken the various concepts and evolved them into what we’ll see in April.

Although he doesn’t discuss anything about the concept’s mechanics, he does emphasize several aesthetic attributes we can expect to see in Nissan’s new sedan concept.

First and easiest to confirm is the V-Motion grille, which you can barely make out beneath the sheet covering the car. This is the same grille we originally saw in the Friend-ME Concept last year.

Next, Aoki spends a significant amount of time discussing the car’s lines, particularly those of the front clip, the beltline and the windows. He implies that the new concept will feature the same kick-up beltline and floating roof as seen in the Resonance and Sport Sedan concepts. That being said, expect the car to most closely resemble the Friend-ME Concept from last year’s Auto Shanghai, as Nissan states that this is the evolution of that concept in particular. In fact, it’s the second car that the automaker’s Chinese design firm has had a hand in making, the first being the Friend-ME.

Unfortunately, that’s about all we can confirm for the new sedan concept, although Nissan’s press release revealed that they’ll be showing a couple other special cars at the Beijing Motor Show as well. For instance, they’ll have a special 10th anniversary Teana sedan on display, as well as the all-new X-Trail and NV200 Xtronic transmission. They’ll also show their BladeGlider Concept and Autonomous Drive Car in their special three-layer, theater style show booth.

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