Subaru Forester Facelift to Be Revealed at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show

Posted by Stephen On Monday, October 12th, 2015

Debuting in Japan on October 28th is the all new Subaru Forester. Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd., the manufacturer of Subaru cars, recently announced that they will be launching the newly upgraded Subaru Forester edition in Japan, and will be exhibiting the model at the Press Day of the Tokyo Motor Show 2015.

Consumers can look forward to a promising SUV as the new Forester is equipped with many new upgrades, making it an even better vehicle than ever. All the new features improve upon the Forester’s reliability, safety and stability.

The brand new Subaru Forester model has an all new look from the inside to out. Subaru gave the Forester an upgrade on the inside and made it more of an SUV on the outside.

With an improved driving stability, the steering response has become more linear by modifying the steering-gear ratio, giving the driver a great feeling of control over the vehicles movement. Giving the Suspension settings a boost in optimization, the Subaru Forester gives you a more solid and smoother ride.

Subaru has given the Forester a quieter ride inside by improving upon the Lineartronic transmission, increasing the door glass thickness and strengthening the sealing. All of these features along with some others rid you more of unwanted sounds.

Key Forester Upgrades to Look Forward To


The exterior of the Forester has gotten a number of upgrades, including 17-inch redesigned aluminum wheels, a redesigned front face, newly designed rear combination lights and the Subaru is even providing new color options.

The 17-inch aluminum wheels are a nice upgrade giving you reduced drag, better handling and improved fuel efficiency. Moving up to the turbocharged model will give you 18-inch aluminum wheels, bringing a noticeably strong look to the vehicle.

Having a newly designed front bumper, grill and headlights gives the Forester a wider appearance showing off its dependability and design. The front just screams, “I’m a Subaru, and I am built tough.”

Giving the rear combination lights a similar sideways U-shape as the headlights, they provide a sense of wideness and lift to the rear.

Subaru is giving you all new color options on the Forester this year. The new colors available are Sepia Bronze Metallic, and Dark Blue Pearl which both give a beautiful new look to the vehicle.


Subaru has given the Forester a brand new interior with a higher-quality appearance and finish. They’ve also given a color LCD multi-information display, SD navigation compatible with “Siri Eyes Free”, driver-side memory function seats and rear seat heaters.

Upgrading the interior finish and appearance was the first step Subaru took in the new Forester. With metallic accents, a decorative panel with a silver frame and piano-black hues. Creating a luxurious feel, leather is covering the instrument panel, the center tray and the door grips.

In the center of the meter panel rests a color LCD multi-information display. The display gives you important information necessary for driving, the status of EyeSight and Subaru Intelligent Drive (SI-DRIVE).

For more safety and convenience, an SD navigation system which supports “Siri Eyes Free” has been made available. Just by pressing the Talk button on the steering wheel, you can enable Siri and give verbal commands.

The Subaru Forester has also made available a spectacular Harman Kardon sound system, which provides you with amazing sound quality.

The upgraded Forester has given the driver even more convenience this year with driver-side power memory seats. By doing this, Subaru has taken the worry out of having a family member or friend mess up the driver seat. Whoever drives the vehicle is able to have their own seat setting, eliminating the need for long, drawn-out seat re positioning.

When it’s cold out not only can the front passengers keep warm, but now the back passengers can as well. Newly built rear heated seats allow for even more comfort to the back seat passengers.


This year’s JDM Forester is giving you a feeling of safety with an available advanced safety package, supplemental restraint system (SRS), LED high & low beam lights, steering responsive headlights, lane change assist (LCA), adaptive driving beam (ADB), blind spot detection (BSD) and Eyesight (ver.3).

The available advanced safety package provides the driver with a easier and more comfortable drive. Included is EyeSight front detection which is a radar that will detect vehicles in the rear blind spots.

Side and curtain airbags are the supplemental restraint system (SRS), which is standard on
all Foresters.

To enable the headlights each have their own high and low beam settings, the Forester is equipped with a bi-functional projector mechanism. Subaru has used this to take advantage of the LED projection lights ability to increase nighttime visibility.

The LED headlights also adapt to your steering. When you turn the steering wheel to the right or left that direction is illuminated, giving you even more nighttime visibility.

With lane change assist (LCA) and blind spot detection (BSD), the drive will be cautioned when a vehicle is rapidly approaching from the rear in the next lane or in a blind spot. In order to alert the driver an LED lights up the side door mirror, or flashes if there is a danger of collision.

Adaptive driving beam (ADB) us an high-performance stereo camera system that detects the presence of other vehicles ahead, and oncoming lanes. It will adjust the range of the high beams so that the other drivers are not distracted, and at the same time allowing you to have plenty of visibility. ADB is another great feature which improves upon nighttime driving.

The all new EyeSight version 3 is what makes almost everything possible. EyeSight gives you the Active Lane Keep steering assistance system, as well as Pre-Collision Braking Control and Adaptive Cruise Control. Subaru’s Eyesight version 3 has made vast improvements on safety technology.

Improvements in Driving Enjoyment

Subaru has improved upon the Forester’s chassis performance, suspension settings, steering-gear ration and on the turbocharged model the active torque vectoring. All of this adds to the comfort and enjoyment of the new Subaru Forester.

The Forester’s Chassis has been given an upgrade for enhanced performance. The rear trailing link bushings have been optimized to give better steering response and straight-line stability.

To give you a comfortable ride with little vibration and better performance, the Forester had optimized the shock absorber damping and the spring constant of coil springs and initial roll performance has been optimized. Subaru has also made changes to the rod guide bushing and the oil used to operate the front and rear shock absorbers to provide stable movement and lessening the vibration.

On previous Subaru Forester models, there was 15.5:1 steering-gear ration, but for the upgraded version, this now has been changed to 14.0:1. The change in the steering-gear ratio improves upon maneuverability and gives the Forester even more agile handling.

On the turbocharged model of the Forester, Subaru has added Active Torque Vectoring. With Active Torque Vectoring the cornering lines are improved.

Engine and Transmission

Improvements to the engine and transmission have been made by increasing the quietness of the vehicle, the availability to improve on fuel efficiency, the available auto-step shift control and close-ratio eight-speed shifting on the turbocharged models.

By thickening the door glass, adding stronger sealing and improving upon the Lineartronic transmission the Forester has great noise reduction. You will get the most quiet and comfortable ride with these upgrades.

Available on some models, the NA (Naturally Aspirated) engine improves upon fuel efficiency without losing performance. The NA engines have more efficient combustion and reduced friction giving it a fuel economy of 16.0 km/liter.

In doing this the new Forester is eligible for the next higher level of Japan’s Eco-car tax incentives (40% reduction in acquisition tax, 25% cut in tonnage tax and 50% off the following year’s automobile tax).

On the turbocharged models of the Forester, there has been given an auto-step shift control giving them a sporty and direct acceleration. Made available as well is the SI-DRIVE S# (Sport Sharp) mode with close-ratio eight-speed shifting adds on even more power.

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