The New 2016 Honda Civic—The First Honda With Turbocharged Engine In The US

Posted by Stephen On Thursday, October 15th, 2015

Entering its 10th generation, the 2016 Civic sets itself apart from the previous model with an all new look and distinctive features. The automaker Honda is gearing up for massive hype surrounding its upcoming iteration of their flagship vehicle, the 10th generation 2016 Civic.

When it comes to giving Civic a huge makeover, Honda has been restrained in the past, but things are going to alter with the appearance of the Honda Civic 2016. The upcoming vehicle is going to have a very special new look that will be more aggressive than ever thanks to the fresh styling that offers not only elegance but sportiness too.

2016 Honda Civic

A Blend Of The Acura ILX

The concept images of the 2016 Honda Civic feature a vehicle that has taken on the appearance of the Acura ILX. The fact that Acura vehicles are also getting made over allows Honda to use that particular styling.

It is important to reveal that Honda is not going to copy that vehicle completely; they merely create a nice blending of the previously designed ILX and the new 2016 Honda Civic profile. It gives the typical sedan an upgrade that is very appealing to consumers.

The Game Changer

Honda Civic should arrive with a 1.5 liter turbocharged engine when it makes its appearance. It should also have a 6 speed automatic transmission.

The new Honda Civic has received a very positive initial preview along with some industry followers, for instance, Customer Reports called the upcoming vehicle a cut above the previous iteration. Moreover, some Civic fans have also been upbeat about the upcoming iteration, showing their excitement with official fan forums like CivicX, which is full of fans calling 2016 Civic the “game changer”.

Honda Is Offering Turbocharged Engine

According to AutoNews, after the launch of the latest Honda Civic and its sale in November, it will become the very first U.S. market-focused Honda that offers a turbocharged engine.
The most noted option for the upcoming Civic 1.5 liter 4-cylinder turbo was going to be introduced either in the year 2017 or 2018. However, it has been deemed necessary by the engineers of Honda to include the turbocharged engine as one of the best features of the new sedan in order to make the 2016 Civic stand out.

The new chief engineer of Honda as well as North American development leader, Gary Evert, told AutoNews that the new Civic will of course be a strong statement. He was of the view that the new Civic needs that engine to go where they want it to go in order to make this key model really stand out and for the new Civic to be such a strong competitor, not only in North America but all around the world.

The latest engines are presented with redesigned transmissions that include a refinement-enhancing and fuel-saving continuously variable transmission in order to help push the fuel efficiency envelope even more than before. The vehicle has the four-cylinder, two-liter turbocharged engine with 295 ft-lb of torque.

New Safety System

The upcoming Honda Civic features a new safety system, including:

Collision avoidance braking
Lane departure alleviation
Adaptive speed control and many more features

The latest engine has also been developed based on feedback Honda received about the previous Civic iterations. According to the chief power train engineer for the 2016 Civic, Mr. Yuji Matsumochi, on the whole the impression of the latest sedan is that it has been created based on fan feedback on previous model.

The engineer reported that the engine was highly efficient but unfortunately people were not rating it much. People were commonly heard questioning where its Honda-like characteristics were or where the Honda DNA was. In a nutshell, it was too bland.

The upcoming turbocharged option will be announced on October 19 along with showrooms getting selections in the month of November.

The 10th generation Civic Si is a little ‘edgier’ than the 2017 Acura ILX and the 2016 Civic Si will most probably ‘out horsepower’ the current generation ILX; Acura possesses some tricks up its engineering sleeves.

When launched sometime in the winter of 2015, the all new turbocharged Civic Si will be a ball-buster but, honestly, the buyers looking for the Acura name rarely drop on over to the Honda lot in order to purchase a Honda truck or car.

The 2016 Civic Si does not have the Acura ILX in its crosshairs.

In a recent story appearing in Detroit News, it was revealed that the Honda might be stifling its luxury division sales through producing an all new Civic that encroaches on the Acura ILX refinement as well as performance, perhaps at a much lower price point.

Granted, when we first experienced the 2016 Acura ILX –A- SPEC, we checked the Civic EX-L as well as the Civic Si sedan for a direct comparison, but there was none.

The 2015 Honda Civic has been proven to be a very capable and refined car that features a few of the standard featured active and passive safety features no usually present in the compact car segment.

The Outlook

It is predicted that the 10th generation Honda Civic, although highly refined as compared with the past generations, will not encroach on premium Acura ILX sales to any measurable level.

As the race derived, paddle shift, dual clutch, eight speed, automated manual transmission becomes the performance norm for the Acura as well as other makers, we anticipate the same for the next generation Acura ILX. Manual shifting would be left to the Honda Civic Si enthusiast, just as you would expect.

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