Honda Pushes the Feature Envelope with the 2016 Honda Civic

Posted by Stephen On Saturday, December 26th, 2015

Honda has a reputation for being able to spruce up its baseline cars. The resale value of Honda’s vehicles remains competitive with its biggest rivalry – Toyota. One of the top ways Honda does this is by sacrificing standard luxury features in exchange for a more economical and practical baseline.

Future Honda Civic Concept

Honda Clearly Satisfies

Make no mistake – Honda makes a reliable vehicle. It satisfies the owner in every way. For a midrange sedan, it offers everything you could want – especially for the price they’re asking. Compared to the 2015 model, the rear overhang is a little shorter which provides a sportier look. It looks a bit more futuristic – but that’s right in line with the trend that Honda has been carrying the last couple of years. The redesigned taillights are aesthetically pleasing and are right in line with what we expect.

The Inner Workings of the Engine

This vehicle is powered by a 1500 cc turbo engine. It’s the first time Honda added the turbocharged setup, but it certainly adds to the horsepower and torque. The model we tried with a stick shift – it proves to be smoother than comparable CVT transmission systems (Continuous Variable Transmission). The fact that Honda still focuses some of its better features in cars that have a manual transmission is one of the main draws to the audience that Honda enjoys.

The Arsenal of Civic Features

Honda didn’t hold back with the Civic. The only thing they didn’t pack under the hood is a driver. They included a Vehicle Stability Assistant, a Brake Assistant, Anti-lock Braking System, an Electronic Braking Distribution System, a Multiangle Rearview Camera and more. About the only things that they did not include (that we would have liked to see) are a Forward Collision Warning and maybe a Lane Departure Warning.

Honda Throws down the Gauntlet

The base price for a model L ask is $18,640 in the US – without delivery fees and taxes. That puts the price a little higher than the previous 2015 version. The EX-T Civic starts at $22,200. What really sets Honda apart from the crowd is a lesson for the German automakers. People don’t like paying extra for expensive options that should come standard. Honda makes them standard. Toyota makes them standard. This is probably why Honda – and Toyota, for that matter – outsell their German competitors, even in Europe.

Of course, there is no doubt that the weak Japanese Yen helps Honda in being able to offer the most bang for your buck. Whether you are in the US or elsewhere, small Japanese cars like the Honda Civic undoubtedly offer brilliant value for money,

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