The Toyota Prius Finally Looks Cool

Posted by Stephen On Friday, January 8th, 2016

The Prius is finally making an impression this year. In the past, it kind of looked like a dork on the road; the rear was too high, the front was too squished and the entire thing looked like a potato. Sorry Toyota, but it just didn’t look as good as it could have.
This year, it looks far better. It looks more like a real car. Not only that, it looks like a cool, futuristic car. To top it all off, it stays true to its gas-saving roots and earth-friendly image.

Available in six different trims, the lowest trim starts at $24,200 USD in the US. Toyota was able to reach that price because it carries a different battery pack than the rest of the lineup. While all the other models carry lithium-ion batteries, the Prius Two Echo trim package sports a nickel metal hybrid battery. In an age where gas is finally more affordable than it has been in the past decade, the Prius still has to compete with other cars that pack gas power.

The new car sports a double-wishbone suspension system which makes it feel a lot less rumbly at high speeds. Without adding too much weight to the new vehicle, it feels as if the car is heavier and hugs the road better. The 2016 Toyota Prius will weigh in at 3010 pounds for the bare-bones, Prius Two Echo trim package and will top off at 3080 pounds with all the extra goodies added.

The seats are incredibly comfortable and you’ll find the familiar left-of-center dashboard that is found in other Toyota-made vehicles, such as a Scion XB. The Prius’ dashboard has always been left of center, so this isn’t anything new.

In previous years, the Prius really did look like a compact potato. The new look will certainly put the 2016 Prius on the shopping list this year. New car shoppers will be pleased to discover that the Prius has far more cargo room than one might expect – and that’s with the split-folding rear seats in place. Put them down and you can get even more cargo space.

Amazingly, these are already appearing in the auctions in Japan. Check out this one at auction on January 9th, 2016. It only has 2 KM on the clock, and is classified as a grade S (new) car. First registered in 2016, it has barely had any time since it was registered for the road before it was sent off to be sold at auction.

2016 Toyota Prius ZVW50
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