Japanese Car Auctions Online

Something that is very attractive about buying from Japanese car auctions is that you can do so much online from the comfort of your own home. Gone are the days when a car auction meant a man with a gavel standing in front of a group of potential buyers. Researching cars, bidding, buying and managing your bought cars can all be done with a click of a mouse using our intuitive online system.

Integrity Exports aggregates data from the Japanese car auctions so that you can easily find the used cars you are interested in buying using a simple but powerful online search facility. Once you have found cars to bid for, you can find out more about them by getting a professional translation of the auction inspector’s report, as well as asking any questions you may have about these vehicles – all through the convenient interface of our online car auction system.

The short video presentation below shows you just how easy it is to do this:

Of course, a great way to experience the convenience of our web-based car auction system is to take it for a test drive. Just click here and take 1 minute to sign up for 2 weeks of access, all free of charge.

You may also find the following information about Japanese car auctions useful as you get started:

Have a question or need more help? Just contact us here, and see how Integrity Exports makes buying from Japan’s car auctions stress-free and smooth.