Secure “Integrity Pay” Payment System

Another first for Integrity Exports — a totally secure payment solution.

  1. We buy a car for you.
  2. You send full payment to a third-party escrow company (not us)
  3. We book shipping for the car.
  4. The car leaves on the ship
  5. The escrow company only sends us payment when we send copies of the BL with proof we have sent the documents to you.

If we don’t ship the car and send you the documents in the required time period, we don’t get paid — and you get your money back from the escrow company.

You are 100% safe!


In addition to our regular charges, there is an additional charge for using our Integrity Pay secure payment solution. This is based on the total value of the auction prices of all the cars in the shipment:

  1. 0 to 200,000 JPY auction price = 40,000 JPY charge
  2. 201,000 JPY to 500,000 JPY auction price = 50,000 JPY charge
  3. 501,000 JPY to 1,000,000 JPY auction price = 60,000 JPY charge
  4. 1,001,000 JPY to 2,000,000 JPY auction price = 70,000 JPY charge
  5. 2,001,000 JPY to 3,000,000 JPY auction price = 80,000 JPY charge
  6. Over 3,000,000 JPY auction price = please ask

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