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Ruf 3400K (2009 model) in Japan’s Car Auctions

Posted by Stephen On Thursday, October 27th, 2011

Here we go with some wild, but possibly accurate speculation.

First up: This car is not a Ruf 3400S, as stated on the auction sheet, but a 3400k. Why do I think that? For starters, the 3400S was only produced between 1999 and 2002, and this car was at least first registered in Japan in 2009. Of course, it could have been imported secondhand.

But here’s the clincher: The 3400S was based on the original Porsche Boxster that, as we all know, has always been a convertible – never a hard top like this. So I am pretty certain that this car coming up for auction today is a 3400K, the model that starts off as a Cayman.

400 horses in a mid-mounted engine means that it can hit 60 in 4.4 seconds and go on to over 180 miles per hour. And the set up of the car itself means that it can now more than keep up with its big brother, the 911. This is undoubtedly helped by likelihood that Ruf is being coy about both the output and performance figures.

And did I say rare? You know the car you are looking at here could well be the only example of this particular model in the whole of Japan. Why’s that? Well, Ruf is trying to sell one of these in the US right now, and apparently that model is one of only 2 over there. Very roughly, the US has about twice the population of Japan, so if they have 2 over there, that means that the Japanese should have to make do with one, right?

So, expect this car to either not sell at all, or go high. Any takers?

Ruf 3400K at auction in Japan - front

Ruf 3400K at auction in Japan - rear

Ruf 3400K 2009 model auction sheet from Japanese car auction