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Subaru Alcyone / XT6 Trip Down Memory Lane

Posted by Stephen On Saturday, February 20th, 2016

Before you pull out the in the meantime gloves and tools to work on your favorite project car this weekend, let’s take a trip down memory lane. Our throwback Thursday car of choice is the 1988 Subaru Alcyone, known as the Subaru XT6 in the US. The very same car that boarded the EA 2 flat-4 that were found in all Subarus of that decade. If you know your old school cars, you know this engine is great for standard wagons and sedans but for a sports car, the engine was sadly underpowered despite the fact it was turbocharged when compared to the Supras and Zs.

Fuji Heavy Industries got smart in ’88 when they released the XT6 with a 150-horseoower 2.7-liter flat-6 to make sure this model was something to be reckoned with against competitors. The light 2,200 pounds combined with the engine allowed the XT6 to fly like all sports car should. A lot of sports car drivers get pumped with adrenaline when they hear a powerful engine on the road, but that’s one thing this Subaru Alcyone didn’t have because this engine whispers, so they don’t hear you coming!

So what made this old time favorite Subaru model stand out? Well, we know it wasn’t a loud engine so it must have been the full-time 4WD system that helped its power delivery in the handling department and off the line. It definitely beat the Supra and 300ZX in those departments! Another bonus this Subaru Alcyone held over the old XT models was the newly added 5×100 lug pattern hubs compared to the earlier 4×140 lug pattern. The 5×100 definitely helped with aftermarket wheels which weren’t possible before then.

If you remember the XT6 when it was equipped with air suspension that improved your ride but it was prone to leakage later on down the line. If you so happen to own this old beauty, and the air suspension doesn’t fly for you, you could always swap it out with standard coil springs which are a sensible choice.

The XT6 also came equipped with extremely durable wheels and a sporty interior so it was easy to fall in love with this car and I’m sure most owners gave this baby its own name. With all this glory, it’s no wonder that old Subarus seem to be a quite popular buy in 2016 when you check online listings of old and used cars. SO if you’re looking to rekindle an old car flame to make it your next car project, the XT6 is an excellent choice! You never know, you may even be able to find one in the Japanese car auctions.

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