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Suzuki Alto Lives on in JDM as a Kei Car

Posted by Stephen On Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014

It turns out we were wrong about the Suzuki Alto. We thought that the new Suzuki Celerio we saw earlier this month would replace the Alto (along with the Splash) in all of Suzuki’s current markets. However, it turns out that the Alto will live on in both India and Japan, albeit as two completely different cars. The facelifted Alto you’ll learn about below has just gone on sale in Japan.

2016 JDM Suzuki Alto Kei Car

2015 Suzuki Alto Kei Car in

Suzuki will continue selling the Alto as a kei car in the Japanese Domestic Market. However, it won’t look anything like the Alto that most of us are used to seeing. The image above shows us a fairly simple design with a few retro flairs to draw in the hipsters. The boxy body and the grille in particular have give it a very “retro” look – the grille is asymmetrical with absolutely no chrome or metallic accents… Something you won’t find in very many cars today.

That retro design theme continues into the cabin with flat, simple seats and a minimalist center console. You’ll find cool features like a center-mounted gear lever, and a mixture of analog and digital read-outs on the dash. Otherwise, the color-scheme is fairly plain – neutral tones all over, with the most exciting color being the beige on the A/C vents and center dash.

2015 Suzuki Alto kei car interior

Under the hood, you’ll find a microscopic 660cc three-cylinder engine that runs on gas and outputs a conservative 54bhp – just enough to navigate the tight city streets of Japan. Don’t expect to haul any concrete or lumber though; the car only outputs 63Nm of torque at optimal rev-ranges. Of course, this small engine is what allows the JDM Alto to give its drivers the financial benefits of owning a kei car, which is well-rewarded in Japan.

2015 Suzuki Alto JDM interior

Even though we don’t have images of it at this time, Suzuki has also stated that there will be a slightly sportier version of the JDM Alto coming later next year. It’ll be called the Alto Turbo RS, and it’ll get a two-tone color-scheme on the outisde, a bit more vibrancy on the inside, and unspecified modifications to the powertrain. It’ll be tough to make any really significant performance improvements if Suzuki wants to keep the Turbo RS version in the kei car category, but we’ll just have to wait and see what they can do. Until then…

Japanese Car Auction Find – 2014 Suzuki Lapin

2014 Suzuki Alto auction find

You can clearly where the new JDM Alto gets its looks from – the older Japanese models, like this Lapin, also have a very boxy look about them, unlike the curvier variants on sale in other parts of the world.

2014 Suzuki Alto interior

The 2014 model Lapin is still a kei car, so it has the same small 660cc engine and minimalist feature set. However, this Japanese car auction find is in very good condition, and if you’re looking for a fuel-efficient car that does exactly what you need it to for comfortable and convenient city driving, this is the car for you. Get a more specific translation below the auction sheet:

2014 Suzuki Alto auction sheet

“Grade 6, interior A, exterior condition A, first registered July 2014, AT, AC, keyless entry, push button starter, CD player, power steering, power windows, ABS, airbag, minor scratches, odometer reading 4KM, marks as per map”

All-New Suzuki Celerio Revealed Ahead of Geneva Motor Show

Posted by Stephen On Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

2015 Suzuki Celerio

It was just over a year ago that we saw the Suzuki A:Wind concept (pictured below) at the 2013 Thailand Auto Show. It was a bold little hatchback that we predicted would herald the next-generation Suzuki Alto. Today Suzuki has revealed the all-new Celerio city car (pictured above) ahead of its premiere at next year’s Geneva Motor Show.

As it turns out, we were mostly right about the A:Wind – it will, in fact, replace the Alto. However, it’ll also replace the Suzuki Splash, effectively killing two birds with one stone.

2013 Suzuki A-Wind Concept

Even though the new Celerio is notably larger than the outgoing Alto, it remains an A-segment mini in both form and function (and it’ll still be a kei car in Japan). It should also be made clear up front that this is intended to be a very entry-level vehicle; when it goes on sale next year, the mini-hatch will start at just £7,999 for the basic SZ3 trim, which is about $12,500 USD. The only other SZ4 trim is just £1,000 more for £8,999.

At the basic SZ3 trim, you’ll get air conditioning, USB and Bluetooth connectivity, remote power locking, a DAB Radio with CD player, and Suzuki’s trademark Electronic Stability Program, which helps the Celerio stabilize during intensive cornering.

Moving up to the SZ4 trim will get you polished alloys, fog lamps up front, a more stylish chrome front grille with colored door mirrors, and rear passengers will now enjoy electric windows.

Both trims of the new Suzuki Celerio will come with the same powertrain that currently occupies some versions of the Suzuki Alto. It’s a basic 1.0L three-cylinder engine paired up with Suzuki’s automated manual transmission. The engine output is a conservative 67hp, but the low power yields an incredible fuel economy of 65.7 mpg using the UK combined cycle.

Ultimately, the Suzuki Celerio is not intended to be the flashiest or fastest car in its segment. It’s a budget car built on superior bang-for-your-buck value, and that’s who it’s intended to sell to. Don’t compare it to higher-end cars in the segment from Audi or VW; that’s not the competition. Instead, this is a car to compete with budget cars like the Dacia Sandero and Chevy Volt. It’s perfect for drivers who prioritize reliability, fuel economy and cabin space while sticking to a budget.

Japanese Car Auction Find – 2014 Suzuki Alto F

Since we now know that this is the last year you’ll be able to buy a new Suzuki Alto F, we figured today would be a good day to showcase one of the 2014 model years we found up for auction through our Integrity Exports database. This is a 2014 Suzuki Alto F in superb condition:

2014 Suzuki Alto F

This model runs on a smaller 0.66L engine than the 1.0L unit in the new Suzuki Celerio, but it has a smaller body to compensate with a curb-weight of just 710kg. You’ll get 53 bhp with a five-speed manual transmission. Again, it’s a fairly basic model with great all-around economy and decent cabin space. This particular auction find is in truly spectacular shape, as you’ll learn in the auction sheet translation below:

2014 Suzuki Alto F auction sheet
“Grade5, interior B, exterior B, first registered February 2014, F model, DBA emissions code, CD, FAT, AC, airbag, power steering, power windows, minor interior grime, seats have minor stains, marks as per map.”

Suzuki A:Wind Concept Unveiled at the 2013 Thailand Motor Show

Posted by Stephen On Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

In the wake of the LA and Tokyo motor shows, we find ourselves in the midst of yet another international motor show – the 2013 Thailand International Motor Expo. As you might expect, any motor show in Thailand is going to have a focus on city cars, which are typically most appealing to drivers in developing suburban markets. This explains why Suzuki chose to unveil their brand-new A:Wind Concept at this motor show… Just keep reading to learn more.

Suzuki A:Wind

As you can see, what we have here is a small car hatchback with the perfect proportions for city driving. It’s just over 11 feet long (3600mm), 5 feet wide (1600mm), and 5 feet high (1540mm).

There are two important things to know about the Suzuki A:Wind concept.

First, it likely previews the successor to the current Suzuki Alto.

Second, we know that the next-generation Alto is coming next year, which means that this concept is quite close to the production model. It’s not exactly what you’d call flashy, so that assumption seems very feasible.

Compared to the current iteration of the Suzuki Alto, the A:Wind Concept is a solid 200 mm longer and 70 mm taller. But, these extra inches are put to good use and allow the compact hatchback to boast an impressively spacious cabin, as seen below:

Suzuki A:Wind interior

It remains to be seen whether or not the vibrant interior color scheme will make it into production, but let’s hope it does. There’s just enough flash in the Suzuki A:Wind to separate it from the competition, and ideally the small Japanese automaker will maintain that flare into production.

We don’t actually know much more about the Suzuki A:Wind Concept. We know that it will be environmentally friendly, featuring a 1.0 L engine paired with a conventional CVT. Not necessarily powerful, but simple and efficient.

Other features that Suzuki lists include, “crisp handling, ECO friendly, roomy cabin and quality materials”.

All in all, the Suzuki A:Wind Concept is certainly not the most exciting car we’ve seen in 2013. But, there’s no doubt that it will be a very important vehicle for Suzuki. Now that they’re out of the US, they really have three primary markets: Europe, Japan and developing Asia. The Suzuki A:Wind Concept will undoubtedly help them conquer those last two, and may or may not have a significant impact in Europe.

If they want it to do well in English-speaking countries, they really need to reconsider the name. Sticking with “Alto” is definitely preferable to going with “A Wind” — or as the British would say, is it just “A Wind” up?

Just in case you need something else to watch, here’s the official Thailand unveiling of the Suzuki A: when concept. Be warned – it’s a little cheesy: