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Japanese Car Auction Find – 2012 Toyota Avensis XI

Posted by Stephen On Monday, March 2nd, 2015

Yesterday we looked at a teaser for the new Toyota Avensis that will be coming to the 2015 Geneva Motor Show next month. We’ve seen a lot of people claiming that the current-generation Avensis didn’t need refreshing. Some people claim the original 2009 model was the best-looking one; others say the post-2012 model, which would’ve been the first facelift, holds the superior aesthetic. We lean towards the latter, and decided you’d want to see for yourself – here’s a 2012 Toyota Avensis XI wagon currently up for auction in Japan:

2012 Toyota Avensis

You can’t get a better color for the Avensis than this liquid silver. It really plays up the classiness of the wagon’s design, and it looks really sharp with the chrome grille and accents, as well as the tinted back windows. You can see that this version of the Avensis has a much larger grille than the upcoming one, and we can see why people prefer the palpable strength evoked by the horizontal bar design over the sleek, refined feel of the new model.

Meanwhile, under the hood this Avensis is importaed to Japan with only one engine option – a 2.0L four-cylinder petrol engine that outputs 150 hp and paired with a Multidrive S CVT transmission. Interestingly, this is one of Toyota’s ZR engines, which was the second engine ever to utilize the firm’s Valvematic (VVT) technology. This engine is still the largest displacement petrol available in any Avensis model.

2012 Toyota Avensis rear view

Considering the size of the 2012 Avensis, 2.0L is actually a pretty good size for the engine. Toyota’s goal for the third-generation Avensis model was to offer a sporty drive with a comfortable suspension. To make this happen, the underpinnings utilize McPherson struts and a rear double-wishbone suspension, and the exterior has been sculpted for a .29 Coefficient of Drag.

2012 Toyota Avensis interior

Unfortunately, we don’t have any interior pictures for this particular Japanese car auction find. However, you can see one of Toyota’s official images of the 2012 Avensis interior above. Not bad looking for a standard Toyota model, right? You’ll enjoy spacious front seats with seven airbags and all the conventional amenities. And the black cloth upholstery with silver accenting on the steering wheel and center console makes for a surprisingly modern-feeling cabin.

For you experienced Japanese car auction perusers, this Japanese car auction find gets an interior grade of B and an overall 4.5 rating. If you’d like to learn more about this 2012 Toyota Avensis, get a full rundown of the auction details below the auction sheet:

2012 Toyota Avensis auction sheet

“Interior B, exterior condition B, first registered January 2012, XI model, FAT, AAC, rear view reversing camera, push button starter, navigation system NSCN-W60, original navigation system, original TV< ABS, airbag, original AWs, power steering, power windows, minor interior grime, exterior paintwork has minor scratches, snow tires, bumpers repair marks, front windscreen stone scratches, marks as per map"

Facelifted Toyota Avensis & Auris Coming to Geneva

Posted by Stephen On Wednesday, February 25th, 2015

Toyota will bring a pair of new models to the 2015 Geneva Motor Show next month, and we finally have official preview images for both of them. They will be the 2015 Toyota Avensis and the 2015 Toyota Auris.

2015 Toyota Avensis

New Toyota Avensis

Toyota originally gave us a preview for the new Avensis about a week ahead of their Auris preview. From the image above, we can see the Toyota plans to bring both saloon and estate variants of the Avensis to the show.

Toyota is ramping up the aggression on this and new Avensis model. It has a slightly thinner grille, losing the extra horizontal bars in favor of some sizeable front air vents and a more clean-cut lower grille. The headlight design has also been refined too look like inward pointing V’s instead of plain downward slants.

Toyota Avensis Preview

In addition to the new front-end design, the 2015 Toyota Avensis will get “a new range of engines that promise both performance and efficiency.” We’re guessing that means a hybrid powertrain will be offered to catch up with the Auris (more on that below), but we’ll have to wait until Geneva to know for sure.

Same with the interior and rear-end design… We know there will be improvements, we just don’t know what they are yet.

Interestingly, this will be the second time Toyota has facelifted the third-generation Avensis since 2009. Toyota is rumored to axe the Avensis by the end of the decade, so this could be the last new Avensis we see for awhile.

2015 Toyota Auris

New Toyota Auris

The Avensis’ smaller C-segment brother will receive a similar update at Geneva. And just like the Avensis, both the normal Auris and the Auris Touring Sport will be shown in facelifted form at the event.

Aesthetic changes to the Auris are similar to those of the Avensis. The grille has been slimmed down, and the headlights have been reshaped accordingly. However, there are no new air vents; instead the lower grille cleanly spans the distance between the fog lights.

2015 Toyota Auris

Unlike the Avensis, Toyota is much more straightforward about their plans for the Auris’ powertrains. They say that the hybrid will remain at the heart of the range, as the Auris Hybrid apparently accounted for half of all Auris sales in 2014. However, a new, more efficient and sportier petrol AND diesel have been confirmed, although we don’t have any hard specs.

New Toyota Auris Interior

Either way, Toyota tells us that together, the new Auris and Avensis are intended to follow-up on the introduction of the new Aygo and Yaris at last year’s event and form the core of Toyota’s European model range. All of the cars will continue to be built at Toyota Manufacturing UK’s Burnaston plant.

Stay tuned for the full reveal of both vehicles at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show on March 3.