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2016 Pinehurst to Include Japanese Collectibles

Posted by Stephen On Friday, December 4th, 2015

In a bold new move, the 2016 Pinehurst Concours Best in Show will include a brand-new category of vehicles: Japanese vehicles. The car show is young – it is only in its fourth year. However, it is attracting fellow car enthusiasts from around the world.

Breaking New Ground

According to the Pinehurst Chief Judge Nigel Matthews, nobody in the United States has featured Japanese classics, making Pinehurst one of the first. The highlight of the 2016 car show is the inclusion of Japanese cars, but some prewar French Curves as well. By adding the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Coupes and Roadsters (1954-63), they have one of the most interesting lineups any car enthusiast can hope for.

Some Japanese Cars Never Made It to the American Market

Collecting Japanese cars is a growing interest among the younger generation. Some cars, such as the Honda Coupe 9 and 7s were only made in limited quantities – about 35,000 were built. They were domestic vehicles that were kept within the Japan’s borders. A little over 1000 these vehicles ever made it outside the borders, with the majority of them going to Australia. Today, only 16 of these vehicles are said to be on record as still in existence – nine Coupe 7s and six Coupe 9s.
12 Announced Car Classes to Be Judged.

Pinehurst is promising an excellent show to be held this year April 30: Prewar American (Open & Closed Until 1942); Postwar American (Open & Closed Until 1974); Prewar European (Open & Closed Until 1942); Postwar European (Open & Closed Until 1974); Ferrari (Until 1975); Porsche (Air-Cooled Cars) Until 1988; Corvette (Until 1972); Prewar French Curves; Future Japanese Collectables; Racing Cars; Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Coupe & Roadster (1954-1963) and Indian Motorcycles.
If that’s not enough to get you excited, they also have live bands. As of right now, Pinehurst is expecting over 300 cars to be present at the show.

Tickets Are on Sale Now

Tickets will run you about $30. “There really is something for everybody, young and old,” Matthews said. “The Ferrari class will continue to be absolutely amazing with just multimillion dollar cars. That’s where the collector car market seems to be right now. And the interest in Porsches is really strong as they are commanding skyrocketing values now.”

The Pinehurst Concours Best in Show winners have included a 1919 bright purple Pierce-Arrow Model 66 A-4 Tourer (2015), a midnight blue 1931 Cadillac 452A (2014) and a rare 1938 Steyr 220 Glaser Roadster (2013). “They are pretty amazing champions for a concours that is only heading into its fourth year,” Matthews said.

Who knows? Perhaps the 4th year will see a Japanese car take the honors for the first time?