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Japanese Car Auction Finds: Smashed Countach

Posted by Stephen On Friday, April 15th, 2011

The Lamborghini Countach was one of the poster supercars of the 1980s. Every boy’s wall had one of these, along with a Ferrari Testarossa. The Countach had evolved from the clean lines of the 1970s original to a mess of straked intakes with a huge wing on the back. The wing may have been more than gratuitous decoration – there were stories of Countach steering becoming very light at high speeds.

I don’t know what happened with this one, but by the shape of the hole, I am going to hazard a guess that it had a falling out with a lamp post or tree. It only has 42k KM on the clock, but it not likely to be useful for anything other than spare parts now. With the engine being in rear, there should be some value left in this one.

Bidding starts at 2.8 million Yen. I wonder what it will end up going for?

Wrecked 1989 Lamborghini Countach Anniversary in the Japanese car auctions