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Supercar Pile Up in Yamaguchi, Japan Wrecks Ferraris, Lamborghini and Mercedes

Posted by Stephen On Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

Coming to an auto auction in Western Japan…. A bunch of wrecked Ferraris, with a smattering of crashed Mercedes and Lamborghini.

Driving with your supercar-owning buddies can be great fun – until someone makes a mistake with the resulting pile up taking out all your buddies’ cars, and then some.

The cars involved were all exceeding the 80 KM/H speed limit according to witnesses. One of the lead cars slipped on the wet road when changing lanes, plowing into the barrier before taking out following cars. A total of  14 cars were caught up in the accident, 8 of which were supercars – mainly Ferraris. I spotted an F430, a 356  and a Testarossa.

Check the video below to see if your favorite supercar was one of the unlucky winners.