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Japanese Car Auction Find – 2009 Mercedes-Benz E Class E350

Posted by Stephen On Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014

As our US readers are undoubtedly staring down an overabundance of Black Friday sales and promotions, we thought we’d take today to showcase a little deal of our own…

Today’s find is proof that there’s no limit to the type of cars you can find up for auction in Japan when you’re using our easy-to-navigate Integrity Exports database. I simply selected “Mercedes” as the Maker and “E” as the Model, and in seconds I had a list of 89 different E Class models currently available for bidding. After sorting by Grade, I found the pristine 2009 Mercedes-Benz E Class E350 Avantgard you see below:

2009 Mercedes Benz E Class

You probably don’t need me to tell you that the Mercedes-Benz E class is one of the most popular and highly lauded premium cars today. It’s a prime example of why so many upscale drivers look to European brands like Mercedes; the E Class is a perfectly well-rounded saloon that offers eye-catching looks, superior comfort and a really fun drive, even in the base E350 trim like this one.

Looking at the auction sheet at the bottom of this post, you’ll see that this particular model has a few special details about it. For one, it’s an E350 AG, which denotes the Agility Control Suspension that lets the car automatically adjust rigidity to match the driving conditions. The end result is that you’re comfortable when you care about being comfortable (soft ride) and you’re stable when you care about being stable (fast ride).

2009 Mercedes Benz E350 rear

Of course, Mercedes has a long-standing reputation as having some of the best safety features in-class, so you’ll enjoy things like…

  • Damper Control
  • Drowsiness Detection
  • Flashing brake lights
  • Integrate tire pressure monitor
  • PRE-SAFE Active Protection

You’ll also see AMG appended after the ES350. That means this was one of the models offered with an upgraded AMG tuning package. We couldn’t find exact specs for the E Class’ package online, but the similar E63 AMG package included an upgraded 7G-Tronic automatic transmission, a higher compression ratio, and of course those lovely twin-spoke alloys you can see in the pictures above.

2009 Mercedes Benz E Class interior

The inside of this Mercedes-Benz E Class doesn’t need too much explanation. You can definitely tell that this is the entry-level trim, and that this is a 5-year-old car we’re looking at. Remember, this is before the interior revolution that saw a widespread increase in interior quality at the start of this decade. Still, the cabin is spacious and well-appointed, with automatic climate control, a sun roof, leather seating, built-in navigation with TV/infotainment functionality, automatic windows and much more. Plus, with an A-grade interior, you know everything is in fresh-off-the-lot shape!

With an overall rating of 5, this is Mercedes-Benz E350 is a great Japanese car auction find, and if you’re interested in learning more, you can get our full translation of the auction sheet below:

2009 Mercedes Benz E350 AMG AG auction sheet

“Interior A, first registered August 2009, DBA emissions code, AT, AAC, service book, one owner, E350 Avantgard AMG Sports Package model, one owner, original navigation system, rear view reversing camera, digital TV, seat heaters, smart key, official dealer RHD import, model year unknown, spare smart, seats wrinkled, wheels scratched, front windscreen stone scratches, scraped under front bumper, marks as per map”