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Japan Car Auction Finds: Ferrari 599 (2007)

Posted by Stephen On Thursday, March 8th, 2012

My heart goes out to Ferrari owners everywhere.


Well, on top of having the terrible burden of being part of not just the 1% — but of the 0.01% — they are also having to make some tough decisions.

You see, us humble peons only have to agonize about whether to upgrade our iPad to the lastest HD model for a few hundred dollars or so. And Apple only dangles new goodies in front of our noses at a rate of just once a year or so.

But these Ferrari aficionados? They have it tough.

“Should I upgrade my 612 Scaglietti for a new 4WD Ferrari FF? But what about the gorgeous 458 convertible with its trick metal roof? And I’ve got to keep room in my budget (and garage) for that long-rumored Enzo replacement near the end of 2012.”

There are so many goodies. But they cost so much… and you want them all. And, unlike the skinny iPad, you need space to park your new acquisitions.

Then the Geneva Motor Show comes round, and along comes the stunning F12 Berlinetta. Your jaw drops. You want!

So what’s Mr. Super Rich Guy going to do?

Well, something’s got to go. And that something’s the F12 Berlinetta’s capable predecessor, the 599.

And here’s just what I’m talking about. A lovely grade 5 Ferrari 599 at the car auction in Japan today.

Let’s take a look…

Ferrari 599 in a car auction in Japan

Ferrari 599 in a car auction in Japan

Ferrari 599 in a car auction in Japan

Not a lot to say about it that the photos and grading do not already tell you. Except to point out that it’s in superb condition with only minor scratches and is positively laden with factory optional extras. So if you are a little bit lower down the food chain than the Hyper Rich (perhaps just “Super Rich”), then this could be the car for you.

Want to bid on it? Well you’re a bit late as it’s going under the hammer later today in Japan. (Although you can find out how to bid at future Japanese car auctions here.)

In the meantime, why don’t you sit back, relax, and enjoy this great track video of the 599’s replacement?

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